It's possible to have an outdoor celebration during the cool months.

By Sara Dickinson
January 07, 2019
shelby barrett wedding tent entrance

If you're getting married during the winter, don't let the colder temperatures keep you and your guests from getting close to nature. If you love the outdoors, make like many couples before you and plan a tented wedding, which ensures your guests are warm and comfortable in any winter weather while also allowing you to celebrate with the outdoor look you've always envisioned. Here, planners share their best tips for pulling off the ultimate tented winter wedding.

Bring in heating.

Sarrah Gaboury, owner of Imoni Events, emphasizes the importance of keeping guests warm and comfortable. "Just arrange for an extra tent layer and make sure you order heat lamps to disperse throughout the space!" she says. And there's no such thing as too much heat at a winter event, so look into getting a roll-out floor to provide insulation against the cold ground, and ask your rental company if they have water-resistant or wind-resistant tents. Adding fans to your tent is also a good idea, as they will help to circulate the warm air in the higher parts of the space.

Don't forget about power.

Bringing in heat is important, but it won't do you any good if you don't have enough generators to provide the power necessary to run everything. Heather Dwight, owner of Calluna Events, says it's essential to bring in generators to power the heaters, lighting, band, and any other electrical equipment if you have even the slightest inclination that your venue can't support everything (you should always ask!). "You don't want to blow a fuse when guests are relying on heat to stay warm and cozy," she says.

Fill your tent with cozy accessories.

Heat and power are essentials, but Lyndsey Hamilton, owner of LH Events, also likes warming accessories. "Have pashminas or even blankets on hand for guests-maybe even offer them as the 'gift'," she says. "Also, make sure that you plan for snow-any walkways or pathway need to be clear and walkable!"

Offer warming cocktails and food.

Last but not least, consider serving cozy drinks and foods that will warm your guests right up. Include menu items like hot toddies, mulled wine, hot chocolate, mac and cheese, and shooters of seasonal soups like pumpkin or tomato to help keep everyone warm.


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