20 Beautiful Sweetheart Table Ideas Any Couple Would Love

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Believe it or not, making time to have an intimate, one-on-one moment with your spouse on your wedding day isn't easy—but it's important to carve out some time so you can both reflect on and enjoy the momentous occasion together. Opting for a sweetheart table on your big day is an easy way to do this. Unlike a banquet-style or large round table, a sweetheart setup gives the couple of the hour some privacy during what can truly feel like a whirlwind event. With this seating option, the newlyweds can dine together with zero distractions—and trust us, you'll both be thankful for that personal time. Before you know it, you'll be hitting the dance floor and making the rounds to greet and thank everyone who came to celebrate you.

When designing your sweetheart table, consider your wedding's aesthetic and venue. This ocean-inspired display, for example, was the product of this celebration's incredible view. Natural elements like roped chairs from Archive Rentals and this blue-and-white tablescape made the setup just as dreamy as the scenery. If you're looking to the rest of your party's design, instead of your location, for sweetheart table inspiration, keep this in mind: Your personal table doesn't have to match your guests' exactly—it just has to complement them.

Ultimately, there are so many ways to make your sweetheart table your own. Consider sitting at a unique antique table, add in over-the-top blooms, or surround the station with stylish chairs—all will enhance your dining experience (and your reception's overall appearance, too!).

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Wooden Structure

sweetheart table lace table and floral backdrop
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Looking to upgrade your sweetheart table with something other than tabletop décor? Frame it with a wooden structure, like Whitney Lewis of Some Like it Classic did here. The finished product was adorned with blooms by Lux Wedding Florist and draped linen.

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Antique Display

sweetheart table floral teepee with antique display
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An antique sweetheart table—My Lovely Events styled this one—guarantees that your display is one of a kind. Natural blooms by Wildflowers Floral Design polished off the station.

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Rustic Structure

sweetheart table wooden with green leaf accented back drop
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When designing a rustic reception, consider a wooden sweetheart table. This picnic-style option, which planner Lindsey Brunk decorated with Pollen Events' centerpieces, was in line with this event's earthy aesthetic.

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Adirondack Chairs

sweetheart table outdoor with adirondack chairs
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This couple dined at a short sweetheart table so they wouldn't block their guests' mountain views. Kismet & Clover used natural, outdoorsy décor elements like Adirondack chairs, leather pillows, and a seasonal centerpiece by Antheia Floral to further complement the event's setting.

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Yellow Inspiration

sweetheart table floral arch yellow chairs and barrels
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The right statement seating can influence your sweetheart table's overall appearance. These vibrant yellow chairs inspired the floral elements Faye & Renee Floral & Event Design created for this station.

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Pink Pop

sweetheart table floral arch pink love seat
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Work a pop of color into your sweetheart table, à la this Faye & Renee Floral & Event Design display. This couple shared a pink velvet couch, which added a dose feminine color to the mahogany setup. Pink florals—on the natural floral arch above and in the compote centerpiece—reinforced the color palette.

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Classic Color

sweetheart table greenery arch and outdoor table
Ether and Smith

A green-and-white color palette makes for polished and refined reception décor, as evidenced by Events by Talissa's sweetheart table. Notice how the display's mint seating and eucalyptus and white rose arrangements by Modern Bouquet created a classic look.

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Illusion Garden

sweetheart table outdoor with barrels backdrop and roses around foot of table
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Think beyond a traditional centerpiece if you're looking to dress up your sweetheart table with unique florals. We're loving this garden-inspired display by Mulberry & Moss, which hugged the curve of this round station.

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Monochromatic Display

sweetheart table outdoor monochromatic white comfy chairs
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Your sweetheart table doesn't have to be colorful to make an impression. Take this monochrome setup from By Jason Lloyd, for example. The all-white display, which included matching textured chairs and creamy linens, popped against the venue's lush green garden. Gold candlesticks and a minimal greenery garland by Venice Wildflower were elegant finishing touches.

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Intimate Seating

sweetheart table outdoor white chair and garland
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A loveseat—as opposed to two separate chairs—allows you and your new spouse to sit even closer together during your reception. Coordinator, M.D. brought this intimate tablescape to life.

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Autumnal Look

sweetheart table outdoor bookcase with orange flower arrangements
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Looking to create the perfect autumnal display? Emulate this Sebesta Design sweetheart table's blue-and-copper color scheme. The pros also celebrated the wedding's seasonality with a large fall-inspired arrangement.

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Natural Lighting

sweetheart table outdoor romantic candles in nature
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Enhance your dining experience by adding candles to your tabletop. They not only add dramatic texture to your centerpieces—we love how these burgundy iterations referenced this table's moody floral arrangement by Velours Floral Designs—but they also create a romantic ambience.

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Symmetrical Symbolism

sweetheart table outdoor grass backdrop symmetrical display
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Use your sweetheart table to add a symbolic element to your event. Take notes from this symmetrical Belli Momenti Weddings tableau. Each component—from the garlands and floral-adorned candelabras to the ghost chairs and pampas grass backdrop—was featured on both sides of the table, which spoke to the newlyweds' equal partnership.

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Venue Details

sweetheart table outdoor blue awning floral arrangements and flower petals
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Highlight your unique venue by mimicking its design elements on your sweetheart table. This table's scalloped underside referenced the garden house's scalloped pale blue awning.

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Unique Decorations

brittany craig wedding sweetheart and dining tables
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Though you don't need to mark your places at your sweetheart table—a two-seat setup speaks for itself—adorning the backs of your chairs with a special accent can make your station more meaningful. Florenta Flower Design added small baby's breath wreaths to this couple's two-top as a nod to their service; these elements were tiny recreations of the duo's ceremony backdrop and brought the big day (literally) full circle.

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Luxe Velvet

velvet wedding ideas cavin elizabeth
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Utilizing velvet throughout your sweetheart table can add a luxurious look to your setup. That's why Green Apple Event Co. opted for these modern purple chairs, which were rented from Folklore.

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Local Greenery

desert wedding inspired sweetheart table
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Use design elements throughout your sweetheart table to pay homage to your big-day setting. This desert wedding table featured a centerpiece by The Blooming Bud made of dry-weather greenery, for example.

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Private and Intimate

terrace wedding reception with sweetheart table and floral arch
Christina Bernales

Position your sweetheart table away from guests, but not so far that you can't watch your party unfold. To achieve the perfect balance, NKT Events placed this party's dance floor between the newlyweds' and guests' tables. The result? A private experience for the couple—but one that didn't make them feel disconnected from their attendees.

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Boho Thrones

head table
Ace & Whim

If you want to feel like royalty on your big day, style your sweetheart table with seats that resemble thrones. This couple did just that without straying from their wedding's bohemian theme, thanks to custom peacock chairs by Dang Fine Rentals.

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