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By Jenn Sinrich
March 22, 2019
couple hugging engagement photo

Romantic moments come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they're planned and anticipated and other times they're total surprises. The best part is that they're unique to the two people experiencing them. After all, what might be jaw-droppingly romantic to one person might be corny or strange to another. That's part of the beauty of love-each relationship and experience is our own. To celebrate these memorable moments, we asked four women to share the most romantic things that their partners have ever done, and the sweet stories might just rival that of your favorite rom-com.

Many years ago, Susan C.'s husband was constantly traveling for work. Because he was away on business for their 10-year anniversary, they had agreed to celebrate over the phone at 9 p.m. At the last minute, one of Susan's girlfriend offered to take her to dinner in honor of her anniversary and she accepted. Oddly enough, her friend chose the restaurant was the same place her husband had taken her on their first date. Still, at 9 p.m., Susan's husband called to make good on their plan. "He said, 'Happy anniversary!' but then I felt a tap on my shoulder," she says. "I turned around and it was my husband standing there holding two dozen roses. He had traveled from Illinois to Long Island, New York, that day just to be with me on our anniversary!"

The most romantic thing that ever happened to Lexi occurred on her first Christmas with her now-husband, Adam. "The year before we started dating, I tragically lost my mother to cancer, and Adam turned out to be the saving grace I needed," she explains. "My mom's favorite holiday was Christmas, and when my sister and I were born, she started a tradition of giving us a new tree ornament every year. One of her favorite Christmas memories was decorating the tree together." Wanting to honor that important tradition, Adam created a special ornament with a photo of Lexi, her mom, and her sister from the year before. The moment she opened it, Lexi says she knew she would spend the rest of her life with Adam. "To this day it's not only the most romantic thing he's ever done, but the most loving and thoughtful gift I have ever received," she adds.

Jade S. says her most romantic moment took place over Christmas, too. Her boyfriend's mom came to visit them in New York from Australia, so they decided to celebrate in Vermont to ensure she experienced a "white Christmas." "My boyfriend and I always try and be creative when giving presents, but this year I wasn't expecting much since we went a little overboard on everyone else," she says. "On Christmas Day when it was my turn to open presents, I noticed my boyfriend was strategically saving one bag for last. His wrapping skills aren't the best, so it took me about half a second to figure out what it was: a handmade wooden boat." After opneing it, Jade noticed a small flag on the top of the boat with a YouTube link. She was instructed to type in the YouTube link on her phone and saw a video of a yacht sailing trip in Croatia. "He planned an eight-day trip for the two of us!" she says. "The element of surprise is the most romantic thing to me, and the way he did it just blew my mind away."

Ashleigh O. had a similar experience when her boyfriend Dalton surprised her with a trip to Nashville. "I had been on a travel kick that year and went to a few different cities I'd never been to before. Dalton, knew this and remembered that I talked about wanting to go to Nashville to explore," she explains. "For my birthday, he ordered a scratchable map and scratched off Nashville before handing me a print-out of the plane tickets and hotel reservation. He had planned me the entire trip and said we could see and do whatever I wanted there. Needless to say, I cried."


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