You definitely don't have to buy two different wedding dresses.

By Alyssa Brown
April 15, 2020
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There's long been a wedding trend of the bride wearing multiple outfits, with many women choosing to change outfits either after the ceremony, mid-reception, or just before the after-party. But when you really love your actual wedding dress, it may seem crazy not to wear it every last second of the day. Rather than change from one dress into another to switch up your look for each part of the day, here are some other expert-approved changes you can make to your bridal style.

Change your hairstyle and your jewelry.

"There are so many ways that a bride can change her look from ceremony to reception," New York-based bridal and wedding stylist Jackie Avrumson says. "One quick and easy way is to change the hairstyle. If you prefer to have your hair down for the ceremony to create a soft, endearing look and feel more like 'everyday you,' and you want to change up your look without an outfit change, I recommend throwing your hair up in an updo for the reception. It's a slightly sexier feel, exposing your shoulders, and it keeps your hair intact for dancing. Pair the updo with some bold jewelry."

Switch up your lip color.

Sara Fried, wedding planner and owner of Fête Nashville, says, "Two different lipsticks is really fun. Try a pale pink for the ceremony and a more fun, bold red for the reception."

Take it down a notch.

Fried says, "Another way to change your look is to take the veil off completely after the ceremony and also change your shoes—typically, into something more comfortable!"

Have a multi-function wedding dress.

"Some of our brides who get married in a church tend to have a more conservative look for the ceremony," Fried says, "They might wear a beautiful lace top over their dress; it may have a high neck or long sleeves and it looks like it's part of the dress, but they can take it off for the reception and have a whole new look."

Avrumson adds, "Many designers have been giving brides options to convert their bridal gowns by offering matching boleros and detachable accent bows with trains. This is a great way to have many looks in one."

Get creative with a two-piece dress.

For the transition from the reception to the after-party, Avrumson says, "Another option could be wearing a mini-dress with an overskirt as your main wedding gown. Then you're ready for the after party by simply stepping out of the overskirt. Nobody would ever know that you've been wearing two pieces the whole night."


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