Our Favorite Bachelorette Party Invitations

bachelorette party invites zazzle rose gold florals
Courtesy of Zazzle

When it comes to pre-wedding parties, there's nothing quite like the bachelorette party. This specific fête is your bridal shower's carefree sister—full of dancing, fun cocktails, and your best friends, this party is one every bride-to-be looks forward to. Whether you're planning your own bachelorette or are in the process of putting together the ultimate event for the lady of the hour, you'll want to start off by setting the tone. The quickest way to do that? With a pretty invite that illustrates exactly what your bachelorette party (or weekend getaway!) is going to look like.

That's where the following invites come in. We've rounded up a bunch of modern, bold, and festive examples that are perfect for this specific pre-wedding bash. The best part? We were sure to feature both paper and digital varieties, which means there's something here that'll surely work for you and your budget. And while many of these notes are universal (they work for just about any kind of party!), we've also included a few theme-specific options. Planning a poolside getaway? Look for tropical motifs, like palm trees, pool floats, and margarita glasses. If you're whisking the bride and her squad away to the mountains for a cabin or ski trip, you'll love our "glamping" option, complete with illustrated marshmallows, lanterns, and a cozy blanket.

Of course, you might be planning a theme-less bachelorette party in or near the bride's immediate locale. In that case, you can't go wrong with a floral suite. Check out the watercolor ranunculus or the eucalyptus-covered styles, both of which exude class, elegance, and femininity. Ready to discover all of the pretty options yourself? Click through to find your leading lady's future bachelorette party invitation.

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Ms. No More

bachelorette party invites paperless post ms no more
Courtesy of Paperless Post

Pay homage to her soon-to-be new name with a confetti-filled digital invite.

Paperless Post "Chorus" Invite, 10 digital invitations for $10, paperlesspost.com


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Ooh La La

bachelorette party invites minted pool
Courtesy of Minted

Palm Springs bachelorettes, meet your all-girl party invitation. Pool towels, unfortunately, not included.

Minted "Cool Pool" Invite, 25 invitations at $64, minted.com


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Our Girl

bachelorette party invites paper source our girl
Courtesy of Paper Source

We love how blocky, tri-colored text brightens up this otherwise minimal note.

Paper Source "Our Girl Is Getting Married" Invite, 20 invitations for $44, papersource.com


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Moody Teal

bachelorette party invites greenvelope moody blue
Courtesy of Greenvelope

Perfect for a ski retreat or group cabin trip, this modern mountain scene—with the prettiest gradient overlay—was made for a nature-centric event.

Greenvelope "Modern Mountains" Invite, 20 invitations for $19, greenvelope.com


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bachelorette party invites etsy timeline
Courtesy of Etsy

Here's a quick way to let bachelorette party attendees know exactly what the weekend getaway entails: an invitation with a built-in timeline. The elegant floral motif is also a plus.

Nicole Whiddon Studio Itinerary Invite, 15 invitations for $40, etsy.com


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Flamingo Float

bachelorette party invites minted flamingo
Courtesy of Minted

Spending your all-girl party weekend poolside? Preface the relaxed, rosé-filled theme with this millennial-friendly flamingo float invite.

Minted "Float" Invite, 10 invitations for $42, minted.com


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bachelorette party invites paperless post lips
Courtesy of Paperless Post

A paperless bachelorette invite that also doubles as major big-day beauty inspiration? Sounds like a solid choice to us.

Paperless Post "Infatuated" Invite, 10 digital invitations for $10, paperlesspost.com


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bachelorette party invites papyrus martini
Courtesy of Papyrus

The cherry on top of this streamlined note is definitely the martini crest.

Papyrus "Cosmo" Invite, 25 invitations for $66, papyrus.com


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bachelorette party invites zazzle rose all day
Courtesy of Zazzle

You'll be sipping on rosé all day long, so why not add it to the invite?

Zazzle "Rosé All Day" Invite, 40 for $20, zazzle.com


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Art Deco

bachelorette party invites invitations by dawn bling
Courtesy of Invitations by Dawn

Pink text and an Art Deco-inspired frame work for a 1920s-themed event (at a speakeasy!).

Invitations by Dawn "Bling Border" Invite, 12 invitations for $11, invitationsbydawn.com


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Baby Succulents

bachelorette party invites greenvelope cacti
Courtesy of Greenvelope

Celebrate her green thumb by sending out a paperless suite adorned with illustrations of the tiniest potted cacti.

Greenvelope "Cactus Blooms" Invite, 20 invitations for $19, greenvelope.com


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Just Wanna Have Fun

bachelorette party invites paper source have fun
Courtesy of Paper Source

Invite all of her best friends to a night on the town filled with a note that implies plenty of dancing and '80s pop songs.

Paper Source "Girls Wanna Bachelorette" Invite, 20 invitations for $44, papersource.com


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Eiffel Tower

bachelorette party invites greenvelope paris
Courtesy of Greenvelope

You don't have to fly to Paris to make the most of these Eiffel Tower-topped invites. Just throw a Francophone-themed party!

Greenvelope "C'est Magnifique" Invite, 20 invitations for $19, greenvelope.com


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bachelorette party invites zazzle marble
Courtesy of Zazzle

Rose gold text adds a little sparkle to this trendy marble suite.

Zazzle "Marble and Rose Gold" Invite, 20 invitations for $40, zazzle.com


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bachelorette party invites minted glamping
Courtesy of Minted

You'll be hard-pressed to find another invite that sums up the glamping theme as well as this one—blanket, lantern, mug, marshmallow, and all.

Minted "Gone Glamping" Invite, 25 invitations for $64, minted.com


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Palm Leaves

bachelorette party invites paperless post palm leaves
Courtesy of Paperless Post

While we're partial to this palm-covered digital invite's "manis and mimosas" vibe, it can be customized to fit any type of party style.

Paperless Post "Palmier Nouveau" Invite, 10 digital invitations for $10, paperlesspost.com


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bachelorette party invites minted tropical bliss
Courtesy of Minted

Love those tropical vibes, but want something physical? This cocktail and palm tree option is down-right beachy.

Minted "Tropical Bliss" Invite, 25 invitations for $64, minted.com


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Blush and Polka Dots

bachelorette party invites papersource dots
Courtesy of Paper Source

This invite's quirky dots have a hand-drawn effect and look even cuter on a pale-pink backdrop.

Paper Source "Sketch Dots" Invite, 20 invitations for $44, papersource.com


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bachelorette party invites greenvelope crystals
Courtesy of Greenvelope

If she's a rose quartz collector, this colorful gemstone-packed invite is absolutely mandatory.

Greenvelope "She's a Gem" Invite, 20 invitations for $19, greenvelope.com


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Luxe Patterns

bachelorette party invites paperless post floral
Courtesy of Paperless Post

This unique digital note proves that preppy stripes and bold pink blooms make quite the pair (just like the future newlyweds!).

Paperless Post "Rose Floral Ikat" Invite, 10 digital invitations for $10, paperlesspost.com


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bachelorette party invites zazzle greenery
Courtesy of Zazzle

Here's another take on the itinerary-style invite. We love the watercolor seeded eucalyptus arch and the dainty "details" ribbon.

Zazzle "Greenery" Itinerary Invite, 20 invitations for $43, zazzle.com


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Bold Blooms

bachelorette party invites paper source pink blooms
Courtesy of Paper Source

Speaking of watercolor—these magenta ranunculus buds offer a floral interpretation of the paint style.

Paper Source "Watercolor Floral" Invite, 20 invitations for $44, papersource.com


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bachelorette party invites greenvelope multicolor
Courtesy of Greenvelope

Nothing says party time like a mix of bright fuchsia, chartreuse, hunter green, and polka dots. The best part of this bright digital card, though, might be the subtle metallic accents.

Greenvelope "Party In Color" Invite, 20 invitations for $19, greenvelope.com.

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bachelorette party invites etsy postcards
Courtesy of Etsy

Not hitting up San Diego for your pre-wedding party? No worries. Anthony and Stork have plenty of location-themed postcards to choose from.

Anthony and Stork "San Diego" Invites, $2 each, etsy.com


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bachelorette party invites papyrus wood
Courtesy of Papyrus

Is she a rustic décor enthusiast who's getting married in a barn? These wood-inspired notes are right up her (mason jar-filled) ally.

Papyrus "This Calls for a Celebration" Invite, 25 invitations for $65, papyrus.com


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