Wait until you hear why.
Julianne Hough's bridesmaids hitchhiking

Julianne Hough's wedding happened nearly a month ago, but that isn't stopping anyone from talking about it. The fun-filled Idaho celebration was a hit, and she and Brooks Laich are now happily married. One of her bridesmaids, actress Nina Dobrev, has openly expressed how much she loved the wedding weekend. Now, she's sharing a throwback from the event, and the photo will raise some eyebrows.

On Thursday, Dobrev posted a #tbt of her and the rest of Hough's bridal party. But instead of posing normally, with bouquets in a line, the girls are standing on the side of the road! As it turns out, the ladies were hitchhiking, all because of a (brief) disaster. "Bus problems? No problem. We'll get there…" the actress wrote, referencing the 'gram. She's referring to when the wedding's party bus broke down, leaving the guests stranded on the way to the reception. As previously reported, the minor obstacle caused attendees to arrive to the party late. Other than that, though, the wedding went fine, and clearly everyone's laughing about it now.

In the photo, you can also see Hough's two dogs, who played a role in the wedding. Derek Hough photographed the scene-he also spoke highly of his sister's big day.


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