A collection of shells and ocean-y elements, arranged like a cabinet of curiosities, sets the tone for a shoreside celebration and makes getting guests to their seats a breeze. But this idea isn't limited to coastal events; if your venue is inland, you can just as easily fill a display case with other location-specific treasures, such as rocks and ferns for a woodland fête, or vintage coins and mass-transit tokens for a city affair. Whatever you choose, use our editable tag to add attendees' names and table numbers.
Credit: Bryan Gardner


  • Editable escort card clip art
  • 8 1/2-inch-by-11-inch white cover paper
  • Scissors or guillotine trimmer
  • Items of your choice (we used seashells)
  • Display box


  1. Download our clip art and open in Adobe Reader. Replace dummy text with your guest names and table numbers. Print onto cover paper.
  2. Cut along guides with scissors or a guillotine trimmer.
  3. Arrange the name cards with items of your choice in a display box.


Assorted shells, from $1.25 each; seashellworld.com. "Clarus" brass display box, $80; crateandbarrel.com.

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