See what this bride-to-be did when her dinner party reservation for 14 nearly fell through.

Like most women, I have a never-ending mental to-do list and when one item is checked off, three more are added on. I go over my list in the morning while brushing my teeth and Invisalign aligners, riding on the subway, grabbing morning tea; it's nonstop. Sadly, my to-do list haunts me so I try to check things off as early as humanly possible. It's what keeps me sane. So when preparing for my Oakland, CA engagement party while still living in Brooklyn, I was determined to start early. I had my dear friend Anna call the restaurant and speak to the owner-not the host, the owner (I told you I was type A)-to confirm our reservation and set aside a special table for our party. This reservation was made two months in advance and every month Anna called to check in. I created these darling online invitations through Paperless Post for our 14 guests and counted down the days until the event.


When the day finally arrived Bora and I flew into California with super-sized smiles on our faces. We couldn't wait to celebrate. I picked out this gorgeous ivory wide leg jumper with a halter top and Bora wore this sharp European cut navy suit. We looked good! With confidence and excitement we arrived 30 minutes early to the restaurant and gave the host our names. He paused, looked at us as if insulted, and wiped the smiles clean off our faces. In his heavy accent he explained that no reservation was made and they have no room for a party as large as ours. "WHAT?!!" I shrieked. My hands were shaking, and I began to panic. Bora is normally the voice of reason but that night he saw red. I called Anna, tried reaching the owner, and searched for every email confirmation I could find but the host wouldn't budge. Bora went running around the neighborhood for any restaurant that would seat us and I sat at the bar and cried. Just when I thought all hope was lost the tiny host came over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and sincerely apologized for the oversight. Apparently the reservation was booked but they failed to put it in their system. I pulled myself together, ordered rum on the rocks for me and Bora, and we pledged to continue on as if that earthquake never happened.


It was easier to put it behind us when our family and friends showed up bearing gifts and lots of love. We laughed, drank fabulous cocktails, and ate far too much food. My Invisalign treatment quickly became a topic of conversation when I popped my aligners out to dig into the appetizers. I waited to see if anyone would notice during one-on-one conversations, but no one said a thing! To my surprise none of the guests even noticed until I removed them. I told them about how my first set of aligners were uncomfortable in the beginning as it took time to adjust to the pressure on my teeth, but now that I'm going into my third set of aligners, I've become more accustomed to them. I'm even starting to see a change in the size of my gap, which is wild! My family was a bit concerned at first, but now they are excited for the results and so am I!


Disclosure: I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign in exchange for blogging about my bridal journey and treatment, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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