Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler
Credit: Sam Hunt via Instagram

Country star Sam Hunt most certainly broke hearts when he announced his engagement at the start of this year. And though he and fiancée Hannah Lee Fowler have kept a low profile since, crush-struck fans should make no mistake-they're still getting married and it's happening soon!

Country Singer Sam Hunt Is Engaged to Girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler!

Hunt appeared at Universal Music Group's 2017 Country Radio Seminar luncheon on Thursday and brought along a big announcement. "I'm getting married in a couple months," he told the crowd, according to Entertainment Tonight. The Montevallo artist added that "between planning a wedding and keeping my fiancée smiling, I'm gonna try to kick up some new music for y'all."

Various news outlets report that Hunt and Fowler had been on-again-off-again for quite some time before the couple got engaged. "I had the ring ready and we actually got into this little disagreement," the singer recalled on radio show Ty, Kelly & Chuck in January. Luckily, they "got real for a minute, after this little riff that we had. In that moment, it just felt perfect." Fowler, a nurse, said yes, and "everything - once I asked her to marry me, whatever it was we were arguing about- just fizzled away and we celebrated and got excited together."

Good luck to the couple, and fingers crossed that this new chapter in their lives inspires even more music. Fowler is the muse behind Hunt's Montevallo album, after all.


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