Tips to get you through even the coldest of weddings.
winter bride and bridesmaids

Summer bridesmaids get bronzed skin. Spring bridesmaids get the first warm day. Fall bridesmaids get to wear rich autumnal tones. But you, dear winter bridesmaid? You have a lot more to look forward to than a blustery day and a floor-length gown. There is so much to love about a cozy winter wedding-and as a trusted 'maid, it will be up to you to bring the heat. We asked hair and makeup artist Mallory Pace and Vermont-based wedding planner Jane Ackerman of Kith & Kin to fill your brain with tips to make the most of your winter wedding.

Prep your skin.

When temps drop, moisturizer is a girl's best friend, and Pace has a tip for really kicking yours up a notch. "If you have more dryness in your under eyes, nose, or chin, I recommend using a little Petroleum Jelly as a spot treater," she says. Additionally, she touts the importance of exfoliating twice a week in the days leading up to the wedding, and using a moisturizing or brightening face mask weekly.

Re-think your wrap.

While many bridesmaids find warmth in a groomsman's abandoned jacket, don't pass up an opportunity for some serious winter style. "Layer your outfits with matching sweaters or fluffy shrugs," suggests Ackerman. "The pairing of elegant dresses with vintage coats can be stunning."

Bring props.

Whether it's for formal portraits or for candid shots, don't be afraid to get in there and hug it out. Sure, you may be doing it for warmth, but the photo evidence will suggest that you're just really, really good friends. Additionally, when it comes to photos, don't be afraid to embrace the season (with the bride and groom's permission, of course). "Have fun with cross country skis and ice skates. Put the groomsmen on toboggans or flying saucers. Not only will they have a blast, but you will be able to side-step those stiff, self-conscious group shots," Ackerman says.

Get crafty with your cocktails.

Those summer bridesmaids might get frosé, but you have plenty of celebratory drinks in your arsenal as well. Hot Toddys, warm apple cider, spiked hot cocoa-grab a thermos and sip away! Ackerman's keen eye notes the visual can add a whimsical touch to photographs, as "the steam coming off your cup of cocoa can be a charming detail." Talk about a win-win.


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