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While the process of creating your wedding registry is certainly fun and exciting, like many other aspects of wedding planning, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. With so many potential options to add to your pre-nuptial gift list—and so many possible places to create a registry—it's hard to even know where to start. As most past brides will tell you, the best thing to do is to consider your lifestyle and what items will benefit you and your spouse most on a day-to-day basis. Stocking up on things you might use down the line, but not right now, will only create clutter. To help guide you in the right direction, we asked recent brides to share the registry items they're so glad they put in their lists—and use every day.

Slow Cooker

It might not be the most stylish item on your pre-nuptial gift list, but it's definitely among the most versatile. Martha C. registered for the Cuisinart 6.5 Quart Slow Cooker ($99.95,, and says she and her husband rely on it to make everything from chili and soup to dessert and dips. Recent bride Martha C. says she and her husband especially loved having it over the holidays. "It was so helpful for the holidays and anytime we entertain friends and family at home because you can easily make large servings," she explains. Another bonus? It's a tool that helps her cook ahead for busy weekdays. "With meal-prep figured out, my husband and I are able to spend time doing other things."

Steak Knives

As you build your gift list, don't overlook the importance of essentials like steak knives. Megan C. is thrilled she and her now-husband went ahead and requested a high-quality set of knives from Cutco ($285,, which she says they reach for regularly. "We use them every day and have never had to sharpen them. My advice is to register for nicer knives than you would purchase yourself, and if you don't get them as a gift, use money you received as a present to get them anyway!"

Water Pitcher

"My husband and I chose to add the Prodyne Water Infusing Pitcher ($20.98, to our registry once we got to the point where we no longer knew what to add," explains recent bride Taylor S. Though it wasn't something they initially thought they needed, the newlywed swears it's one of their most-used gifts. "As it turns out, we love and use it more than the copper baking set we registered for! It's so exciting to try new flavors and combos of fruit. It's actually become a fun little competition between us to see who can create the best-tasting water. We both have drastically bumped our water intake, which is a health benefit of this gift, and that's always a good thing!"


"I honestly thought registering for a vacuum was boring and that 'all vacuums were created equal,' but the Dyson V6 Trigger ($259.95, is by far my favorite gift," says Brooke M. She uses it daily to make household tasks, like cleaning up dog hair or kitchen spills, a breeze. "It charges super-fast, and the suction is amazing."

Everyday Dinnerware

Thinking about registering for dinnerware you can use daily and skipping fine china entirely? Ashley B. says to go for it. "We skipped registering for fine china and instead asked just for the simple, elegant 16-piece 'Gabriella' place setting ($168, instead. The dinnerware is durable and both dishwasher- and microwave-safe—it also doesn't show scratches from silverware," the newlywed explains. Since it's strong enough for daily use but versatile enough to be dressed up for entertaining, the couple is able to use their dinnerware every single day of the year.

Versatile Wine Glasses

Jen H. says she requested stemless wine glasses that she knew she could pull double-duty. Her pick? Crate and Barrel's Stemless Wine Glasses ($2.95 each,, which she says she and her husband use for far more than just their favorite vino. "When I host dinner parties, I always use them as the water glass to complement the stemware on the table. They're also super fun to display desserts or tea light candles. Plus, they're inexpensive, so it's easy to have lots on hand! We have 24, so I can have a 12-person dinner party and seamlessly serve water and a creative dessert," she explains.

Stand Mixer

If there's one gift that's most synonymous with a wedding registry, it's KitchenAid's Artisan Mini Stand Mixer ($249.99, And for good reason, says recent bride Kim K. "This is always one of the most popular items brides register for because it's multi-purpose, but also looks pretty on any kitchen counter. I use mine all the time—and not just for baking. With the right attachments, you can use it to make homemade pasta, juice, and more."

Duvet Cover

Jen R. reminds couples that the best wedding gifts aren't always the most expensive, so don't be afraid to round out your registry with items you'll actually use, regardless of their price tag. For her and her now-husband, the MVP gift from their registry was an affordable duvet cover. "A friend recommended we order the Mellanni Fine Linens 5-Piece Duvet Cover Set ($29.97, and I was honestly hesitant at first glance given the low price, but this duvet cover set is the softest, most comfortable set I've ever used! I'm so glad we registered for it."


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