You'll never guess what it is.
Credit: Julianne Hough via Instagram

Dancing with the Stars judge Julianne Hough is a noted queen on the dance floor. But will the expert do anything special during the first dance at her wedding? If her fiancé has anything to do with it, it looks like the answer is yes!

Hough recently spoke with Harry Connick Jr. about her upcoming nuptials to Brooks Laich, and surprisingly, her soon-to-be hubby is totally committed to performing. "I was always sort of under the impression that we would just, you know, get up there and do a little side-to-side dance thing," she shared, but Laich has other plans. "He's like, 'No, I want a full-on choreographed routine.'"

In reality, the hockey player's been interested in dancing since the start of their relationship (he even bought DVDs to try and learn some steps!). But now that the wedding's underway, Hough's committed to helping him train. Funnily enough, the stars play-fight over their newly-shared hobby. "As we're doing it he's like, 'Well, she doesn't do it like that,'" referencing the instructor on the videos. Hough solves the problem by reminding him that she's a "champ" and threatening to make him learn with her brother, dancer Derek Hough, instead. While Laich's wedding must-have is adorable, Hough's are pretty great too. The dancer told Entertainment Tonight that she has three big demands for her big day: "Best dance floor ever," "Best music," and "Lexi and Harley"-the judge's dogs-"have to be part of it."

Hough and Laich got engaged in 2015 and Hough recently revealed that it was love at first sight. "I never thought I was one of those people, but when you know, you know," she told Entertainment Tonight. "When we saw each other for the first time, it was like, 'And, we're done.'" We can't wait for the wedding, or videos of the amazing first-dance choreography.


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