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With so many styles, materials, and decorative details available, there appear to be as many veils in the world as there are brides to wear them. Once a symbol of purity and subservience, they're now popular simply because they're beautiful, and because nothing else says "bride" nearly as powerfully. Queen Victoria, who was married in 1840, is credited with being the first bride not to cover her face with a blusher. But many modern women still wear them out of love for romantic tradition. Blushers can be worn alone or as part of a two or three-layer veil ensemble. The longest piece is usually worn for the ceremony only, and it is detached before the reception.

Breaking Tradition

Some women now choose to marry without a veil, opting instead for a millinery cap or sparkling tiara. You might also wear fresh flowers, arranged in a wreath or artfully worked into your hairstyle.


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