Choose images that will best help you remember your big day.
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Credit: Ben Yew

You'll experience a rollercoaster of emotions the moment your photographer sends over your final collection of wedding photos. First, you're thrilled, then you're mesmerized, and finally you're terrified: How on earth will you choose just a selection of these gorgeous images to include in your wedding album? If you've been putting off the task of making a memorable photo book because you're paralyzed by the options, start here. We caught up with photographers Eric Kelley and Lauren Kinsey to help determine how to approach this important edit.

Identify Your Audience

It's only natural for every single photo to be your favorite, but instead of thinking about what you'd like to see, Kinsey suggests thinking about everyone else who will flip through your album. "Think about the viewer as someone who didn't attend the wedding and is just seeing the images for the first time," she says. With this in mind, you'll be better able to determine which snaps are iconic and which are just pretty.

Stick to the Plan

Once your mindset is right, Kelley suggests breaking down the day into the following categories to help establish a basic outline:

  • 10-15 images from details (paper, florals, dress, décor, establishing venue shot, and any personal details, like your grandmother's heirloom locket)
  • 5-10 images from your portraits
  • 2-5 images from family and bridal party portraits
  • 3-5 images from the ceremony
  • 3-5 images from getting ready or pre-ceremony
  • 3-5 images from cocktail hour
  • 2-5 images from first dance
  • 5-10 from reception and exit

Of course, depending on how large your album is, you could choose anywhere from 2-15 images in any one category, but the above may help to guide which parts of your day should get the most love. "From this initial selection, I'll usually go in and fluff it up with more imagery if there's space," he says. "But this will get the photographer to a place where he or she knows that nothing essential to the couple is being missed."

Find Homes for Your Babies

Lastly, don't be afraid to find other ways to display your favorite pictures that may not have made it into the album. Turn your ridiculous photo booth snaps into a coffee book collection on a site like Artifact Uprising or create a gallery wall in your home. While your album may be the classic reminder of the start of your life together, it certainly doesn't have to be the only one.


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