Find out whether they're having a boy or girl and when.
Credit: Larry Busacca

The Jeters are adding one new member to their team! Just five months after Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter tied the knot, the couple announced today that they are expecting their first child together. Hannah shared the news-including the sex of the baby and due date-on Derek's website, The Players' Tribune, in a super sweet blog post.

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Hannah, a contributing writer on the site, titled her post "The Derek I Know" in a new series "in which family members, friends, and those closest to them, share special insights into the athletes they love." Much of the post is about the past, specifically the couple's history and how she and Derek fell in love. The model recalls how she didn't know Derek played shortstop or that he was one of the most accomplished and talented baseball players in the world. She also shared her emotions during Derek's last pro baseball game. "Big moments also have a funny way of making you look ahead," she wrote. "Now, pregnant with our first child, Derek and I are looking to the future."

The post then took an even more exciting turn: Hannah revealed whether the couple is having a boy or girl! How? With a picture of Derek holding a dozen pink balloons-a girl! "He already has a name in mind-he's set on it," Hannah shared. "Whatever her name is, I know she'll run circles around him." She and Derek, private as they are, are planning on raising their baby girl, due in May, "as normal as possible."

"We'll let them know that they are strong and smart, and that they can do anything they put their minds to," Hannah wrote of her future children. "I hope they'll be honest like their father. I hope they'll be stubborn like me. I hope that they know what they want and won't settle for less. And if they want to play baseball, well, we're gonna have a little talk first." Congrats to the Jeters!


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