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wedding invitation boxes ryan ray
Photo: Ryan Ray Photography

Envelopes aren't your only invite delivery option. These examples prove that sending your stationery out in boxes can be totally chic.

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jess todd wedding seattle gray invitation
Belathée Photography

Envelopes work just fine for mailing wedding invitations. In fact, they can look absolutely beautiful. But that doesn't mean they're your only option. Some brides and grooms are opting to send out their nuptial stationery in boxes. Why? While they may be weightier (read: more expensive) than envelopes, boxes can make your suite look more unique. They can also help protect the paper goods you spent so much time selecting (and often custom-designing). What exactly do wedding invitation boxes look like? We've rounded up a few of our favorite examples to show you.

Just like invitations themselves, invitation boxes come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. That means you can definitely find a style that suits your celebration. Consider this La Happy suite, which was created for a modern and formal wedding. The simple dark boxes held gray cards decorated with gold foil. On the other end of the spectrum, we've seen bright green boxes filled with mismatched stationery for a whimsical and more casual wedding—you can see one ahead. Better yet, you can stuff the vessels with more than just invites. As you'll soon see, fillers add a whole other level of beauty and intrigue.

The following boxed wedding invitation ideas may range from elegant and classic to cool and totally creative, but they're all undeniably pretty in their own way—so pretty that your guests might want to hang onto the suites as keepsakes. Luckily, that'll be easy to do since they'll have a stylish box to store the paper goods in!

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Modern Boxed Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation boxes ryan ray
Ryan Ray Photography

This couple's acrylic wedding invitations were placed atop greenery inside black boxes. Méldeen came up with the modern and gorgeous idea.

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Fall Boxed Wedding Invitations

wedding stationery
Jose Villa

These autumnal invites—the result of a collaboration between Amber Moon Design, Curlicue Designs Calligraphy, and Emily J. Snyder—were so stunning that the bride was instantly obsessed. "I stared at the invitation box for an hour when I got it," she shared.

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Wedding Invitations in Wooden Boxes

wedding invitation boxes jose villa
Jose Villa

How's this for creative? Leather-bound books-turned-invitations featured the same blue-green hue as the wooden boxes they were sent in. The cohesive look surely made an impact on guests.

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Rustic Boxed Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation boxes amy caroline
Amy Caroline Photography

For a cohesive look, Sweet Zion Paperie boxed white-and-brown invitations in white-and-brown boxes.

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Wedding Invitations in Mailer Boxes

wedding invitation boxes atelier isabay
Atelier Isabay

These stylish destination-inspired Atelier Isabay wedding invitations—featuring zebra patterns and other South African motifs—came in classic mailer boxes.

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Mossy Boxed Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation boxes hanna taylor
Hanna Taylor Photography

Stuff your invitation boxes with something unique, like moss. That's what these Laurel & Marie Stationery & Calligraphy invites came packaged in.

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Wedding Invitations in Black Boxes

carey jared wedding invite
Anna Shackleford

The black boxes contrasted beautifully against the bright floral details featured in these Mon Voir stationery suites.

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Classic Boxed Wedding Invitations

haylie bradley wedding louisiana stationery
A Bryan Photo

These traditional Lehr & Black invites were mailed out in monogrammed white boxes. Each package came with a pretty sprig of lavender.

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Floral Boxed Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation boxes jose villa
Jose Villa

Here's another example of incredible destination-inspired invites. These ones were crafted by Momental Designs and featured Havana-themed floral boxes.

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Wedding Invitations in Blue Boxes

wedding invitation boxes this modern romance
This Modern Romance

We love the natural color scheme—blue, brown, and white—of these The Idea Emporium invitation boxes.

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Boxed Wedding Save-the-Dates

save the date
Elizabeth Messina Photography

Your save-the-dates can be boxed, too. Take this couple's The Idea Emporium ones, which were mailed in gray boxes alongside custom calendars meant to help guests, well, save the date!

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Unique Boxed Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation boxes anthony patrick manieri
Anthony Patrick Manieri

These pop-up Paper & Poste invitations came in hexagonal boxes that, once opened, revealed paper flowers.

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Wedding Invitations in Latched Boxes

wedding invitation boxes daylin lavoy
Daylin Lavoy Photography

These latched wooden boxes were filled with purple faux flowers plus invitations by Annie Muniz of Modern Chic & Shabby Events.

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Geometric Boxed Wedding Invitations

Belathée Photography

Cheree Berry Paper designed these kaleidoscope-inspired stationery boxes, which held multiple colorful cards.

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Metallic Boxed Wedding Invitations

Liz Banfield

Rose-gold touches elevated these Ladyfingers Letterpress and Rosann Konieczny invitations, which featured geometric details and gray boxes.

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Colorful Boxed Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation boxes love me do
Love Me Do Photography

How cool were these Shindig Bespoke wedding invitations? The eclectic mix of colors and prints came in light-green boxes.

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Wedding Invitations in Folding Boxes

wedding invitation boxes esther sun
Esther Sun Photography

Beneath the folds of these boxes sat Paper Crew invitations on top of sequin-covered fabric.

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