Plus, a few spins on the upbeat tradition.
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Have you been looking forward to having a little fun with your wedding party's reception entrances? Then the song you select is crucial to pulling it off in a way that's lighthearted—yet not totally embarrassing—for everyone. Here are a few tips to selecting songs that'll get the energy going.

Make It Personal

Wedding planner Tzo Ai Ang of Ang Weddings and Events says reception entrance songs should always be, "something upbeat and fun." Select songs that reflect inside jokes or remind you and your friends of a specific phase you went through together. You always want to be sure the song is something they'll be comfortable with and get a laugh out of.

Check Out Theme Songs

DJ Blue suggests using theme songs from 80s and 90s television shows. This is great for introducing friends you've had from back in the day (especially if anyone is particularly good at doing The Carlton). Anything that's really recognizable for both guests and the wedding party members works well here. You can even bring in props if you really want to get literal with it.

Bring in a Live Music Element

If you're comfortable bringing in something a little more bold and thematic, you could incorporate a live music element here instead of a DJ intro. Bring in a local marching band, have a drumline lead the way, or hire a local brass band to make the entrance lively and fun. You can use the same crew to play the cocktail hour as well.

A Little Irony Is Comedy Gold

As DJ Blue puts it, if you're going to commit to doing personalized entrance songs, "Go all the way; either choose something that 100% fits the person, or select a song that is the antithesis of their personality and might even be considered wildly inappropriate. For example, if you want to give Great Gramma Ethel an ironic hip-hop entrance, make it Ludacris's "Move B*, Get Out the Way." Have fun, see if you can get a few laughs out of it, and kick off the party with a room full of energy.


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