The singer noted that their big-day timeline has been mapped out for quite some time.

By Nashia Baker
February 25, 2020
katy perry orlando bloom
Credit: Getty / Steve Granitz

Locking down a wedding date is no small feat. But for Katy Perry, this critical planning step came together quickly: She chose a date less than a week after her and Orlando Bloom's February 2019 engagement—and, despite several rumors about shifting timelines and delayed nuptials, that's the one she's stuck with all along. According to Good Morning America, the singer recently set the record straight. "There's a lot of details, but I haven't shared them," Perry said on the Kyle and Jackie O Show. "I don't know if you really need to share them with the public. There's always some silly rumor of a date change. It's like, 'Please, I've had my date secured since February 19 and I got engaged February 14 of last year!'"

The singer shared that when the big day rolls around, everyone—her fans included—will know about it. "Don't worry about it: It's all good and when it happens you'll know!" she said.

Perry also opened up about how lucky she feels to be with someone like Bloom—someone who proved to her that great men are out there. "I've got[ten] to experience, finally, a guy that's very kind and that supports women and champions women," she said. "And so once I've been able to actually experience that in my own life, I believe that great men out there exist!"

Since the couple met in 2016 and bonded over their shared love of In-and-Out burgers (as previously reported by People), their relationship has been a whirlwind; this culminated in Orlando's extravagant helicopter proposal last Valentine's Day. Perry shared how the moment unfolded on Jimmy Kimmel Live, noting that it didn't go quite as expected. "So I'm reading [the note] but I'm hearing the Champagne is broken and the bottle's everywhere. He's pulling out this box that's too big for his coat pocket, rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the Champagne," she said. Even with the unexpected start to the proposal, she shared that the ending was perfect. "We landed on a rooftop [in Los Angeles]—my whole family was there, and all my friends," Perry added. "He did so well."


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