Stay calm! There's almost always a way to fix a hairstyle that's not quite right.
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Credit: Michael Stewart

The hours before your wedding should be spent relaxing with bridesmaids and preparing to walk down the aisle. But there's one beauty emergency that can sour this otherwise blissful experience: a hairstyle that doesn't turn out the way you expected. While certain adjustments can always be made, it's often difficult to start from scratch, especially when timing is tight. To make sure you're happy with your hair when you walk down the aisle, here's what you should do when you notice your look isn't turning out as planned.

Don't panic.

The worst thing you can do right now is panic. If you hired a reputable hairstylist with plenty of experience, he or she will be able to adjust the look to fit your vision. Instead of getting emotional, stay calm and voice your concerns in a clear way. Rather than saying, "I don't like it," be sure to identify what you're not happy with. Is it too curly? Say that.

Speak up as soon as possible.

Some women might be tempted to sit back and see how the look turns out, but if you're seriously concerned about the direction your hairstylist is going in, don't be afraid to say something. It's much easier to course-correct than to start over entirely. And don't feel guilty about speaking up. Your pro wants you to feel confident and love your look, so it's important that they understand early that you're not happy with how the style is turning out.

Discuss notes and photos from your hair trail.

Assuming you had a hair trail (which we highly encourage), you should pull out any notes or photos from the practice run. You and your stylist can then see how your look is differing from what was practiced and agreed upon. Making you happy with the look could require an adjustment as simple as changing your part or where your updo sits on your head, so don't be afraid to reference the hairstyle you did like as you try to communicate what you're not as happy with.


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