Your support is more important than you can imagine.
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As much as everyone hopes that every day of their marriage will be perfectly blissful, that's just not the reality of life. Whether it's a job loss or the death of a family member or friend, your husband or wife is going to rely on you for love and support during the tough times. When life throws your spouse an unexpected blow, it's time for you to step up. Here, three very simple ways for you to provide him or her with support when they need it most.

Be dependable.

Whatever the issue may be, the stages of grief can look very different from person to person. If your partner needs to sit, then sit. If they need silence, offer that. If they need someone to listen, be a listener and offer advice when asked. Don't just leave when times get tough. Dependability is the sign of a healthy relationship, and knowing that you are able to be whatever your partner needs during this difficult time will mean a great deal to them.

Think ahead.

During difficult circumstances, your spouse may not be thinking clearly. Has he or she drank any water today? When was the last time they ate? Are there people that need to be aware of the situation at hand, like their boss or friends, that you can reach out to so that your spouse doesn't have to think about it? Helping to take care of their needs and alleviate these burdens is so important.

Don't be selfish.

This is not the time to fight about silly things, like who did the dishes last or who's turn it is to go grocery shopping. This is the time to extend grace and be more loving than ever. Put yourself aside and make sure that you are doing everything you can to make your spouse feel at ease.


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