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Even in today's more modern society, weddings can feel like they're all about the bride. But the groom's the other half, and all of the work shouldn't fall solely on your plate. Here are five tasks that will have him excited to lend a hand.

Things Your Groom Wished You Knew

Wrangle the guest list (for his side).

The guest list has the greatest impact on your budget, so getting it right from the start can make planning so much less stressful. You likely already have your side locked down, plus your shared friends are easy to list. But even if you've been together for years, you probably don't have 100 percent transparency into the intricacies of relationships in his family. Calculate your budget, figure out how many guests you can afford and want, and divide them between your side, his side, and your friends' list. Now let him do the rest. You'll save yourself a lot of stress, and keep from damaging the relationship with your in-laws if they're requesting 200 invites when you've only allotted them 50.

Choose the booze.

It's pretty hard to go wrong when it comes to the bar. Let him take the reins and decide on the brands of beer, wine, and liquor that will be served. On top of the basics, he can show off his personality with a signature drink. If he's the creative type, he may want to name it, too. If not, he can share his secret concoction with you, and you all can pick a name together. Depending on the caterer, he may even be able to choose the little details down to the glasses, cocktail napkins and coasters, and embellishments, if he's interested.

Dress the groomsmen.

Yes, you probably have an overall vision of what your wedding party will look like, but your groom should be more than capable of picking out duds for the dudes. A little worried he'll go head-to-toe white while you're thinking classic grey with a tie to match the ladies' dresses? Take some time to chat about the overall vision and share a few inspirational pictures so he has a good idea of what you're thinking. Now let him take it from here. He's got it covered!

Select the band/DJ.

A killer band or DJ is what will make or break the party portion of the evening. Once he narrows it down a few options, you two can choose the winner together. But his responsibility doesn't stop there. He can take it a step further by choosing some of the music. While most bands and DJs don't like being given a list of songs they have to play in a certain order, they do want to know the types of music you like and what's on your must-play (and do-not-play) list. With this info, they'll be able to mix it up throughout the evening.

Research honeymoon options.

This is the most fun part! It's likely one of the best vacations you'll ever take, and he'll be inspired to make it a dream experience for both of you. If you're really trusting (or you don't feel strongly about where you go), give him carte blanche to plan the honeymoon from location to hotel to food to activities. Set on a place you want to go? Discuss the location together, jot down a list of your wishes, and then he can blend them with his vision to plan a trip that fits both your needs.

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