Saturday isn't the only option, but is it the best?


We're often asked which is the best day of the week to host bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, and other pre-wedding events. While we usually opt for a day that falls on a weekend, there are a few other factors to consider, too. Here some tips to help you decide which day to choose for each of your important pre-nuptial celebrations.

Take location and calendar into consideration.

If you're planning a pre-nuptial celebration that requires guests to travel any more than 30 minutes from home, a weekend event date is usually going to be your best bet. With the crazy work hours guests have during the week, it's likely they'll be more flexible and more likely to be available on the weekends. Be sure to check the local events calendar wherever you're planning your pre-wedding event. If there's a major sports event, festival, or parade going on near the party location, traffic could be a real headache. Plan to avoid these dates when possible.

Be wary of holiday weekends.

It's tempting to book a bachelorette party or bridal shower over a holiday weekend, especially because you know you and your guests will have an extra day or two free, but this may not always be such a great idea. Event prices, hotel rates, airfare, and more increase during long weekends. As well, many people save their holiday weekends to do something special with their families and they may not want to travel during this time.

Weekends for the win.

Weekdays are tough enough for most of us, balancing work life and home life. While Fridays tend to be more flexible, it's likely that guests will have to leave work early to make it to an event on time, which isn't really ideal for most people. Weekends are easier to plan ahead for and less likely to impede your guests' work calendars.

Saturday vs. Sunday?

Which is better? It's a matter of personal preference, really. If you know you have a few guests traveling in from out of town to attend your event, Saturday is going to be more convenient. If you're planning a low-key brunch or late lunch, Sunday may give you more flexibility to prepare for the event and feel more relaxed the day of.


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