20 Floral Corsages for Mothers of the Bride and Groom

corsages branco prata
Photo: Branco Prata

Add this traditional arrangement to her wedding day look.

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corsages branco prata
Branco Prata

On the long list of people that will be with you on your wedding day, your mom is likely at the very top. Your fiancé probably feels the same way. Your mother first raised you on your journey through life, and then she nurtured you through the journey that is planning a wedding. She's been by your side for every big wedding-related moment, from choosing a venue to selecting your bridal gown. Someone that integral to the planning process definitely deserves to stand out (your wedding may revolve around you, but it's also about her!) when the big day arrives.

Traditionally, matriarchs don floral wrist corsages to do just that. The fresh accessory helps these leading ladies stand out at your ceremony and reception and in the photos. These pretty pieces come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and, as of late, styles. The contemporary wrist corsage often goes beyond a trio of white or pink roses—the following photos of real mothers-of-the-bride and groom are proof. Get ready for plenty of unexpected touches, like crystals, ultra-mini blooms, and bracelet adornments. Looking for something classic with a twist? Consider traditionally-shaped corsages composed of didn't-see-them-coming flowers, like ranunculus, berries, and lotus flowers.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting a customary arrangement. She's a classy lady and she likes what she likes! We were sure to include plenty of standard flower options in pretty colorways and elongated shapes, so she can have the best of both worlds. Ready to discover all of these floral accessories? Click through (with Mom by your side!) for all of the wedding corsage inspiration you'll need.

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corsages ether and smith
Ether & Smith

Looking for a traditional corsage for your favorite classy lady? Full Bloom's creamy rose arrangement, offset by just the right amount of greenery, will surely inspire her.

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Tied Together

corsages adam barnes
Adam Barnes

Take a hint from these matriarchs and subtly match her corsage to your bridal bouquet. These Amy Osaba arrangements all featured the same flowers, and the moms' mini versions were tied to their wrists with the same ribbon that held the bride's bouquet together.

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corsages when he found her
When He Found Her

You'll find that most corsages involve a series of small blooms. Break from tradition and consider a single bud (we love this lotus option from FOS Décor Center) with lots of volume instead.

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corsages matt yung
Matt Yung

Of course, not all corsages are worn on the wrist. Make like this proud mom and wear fragrant buds (these were arranged by Chuck Milne Productions!) boutonnière-style.

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corsages christa hitchcock
Christa Hitchcock Photography

If she's a crystal-loving yogi, you know she'll appreciate Isibeal Studio's modern, energy-boosting twist on the corsage. To recreate the look, pair a quartz bracelet (like this one, by Salame Jewlery Designs) with baby ranunculus, red berry, and jade leaf band for the ultimate unexpected arrangement.

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Color Contrast

corsages ray kang color contrast
Ray Kang

Instead of choosing a corsage that perfectly matches her dress, go for a color contrast—it makes more of a statement. We love how this mom adorned her lace magenta dress with an all-white spray by

Floral Occasions


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corsages james willis
James Willis Photography

Add some drama to her ensemble with an elongated corsage (it should cover her hand!), like this one from June Gonzales.

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corsages olivia leigh
Olivia Leigh Photographie

Or, if she's already wearing a bold color (this mom is a vision in lime green!), go with something smaller—just a few wildflowers, à la this Hello Darling arrangement, will do.

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Orange and Blue

corsages stacey hedman
Stacey Hedman

Peach and blush spray roses, like these from Jacin Fitzgerald, pop against a navy ensemble.

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Cool Tones

corsages arielle doneson
Arielle Doneson Photography

Does she gravitate more towards light, cool shades? A pale lavender rose will definitely work with her dove gray dress, as proven by this Mary Lou Pappas Flowers arrangement.

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corsages annamarie akins
Annamarie Akins Photography

If you're getting hitched in the winter, let all of your wedding flowers (even Mom's!) reflect the season. Pine greenery sprigs, thistles, and winter-white roses, featured here in this Petals and Twigs corsage, are the perfect touches.

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Color Blocked

corsages aaron courter
Aaron Courter

Beyond blue and green, bold magenta and bright orange are the ultimate color-blocking hues—which means they'll make for the prettiest wrist corsage for your color-loving mom.

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Stand Out

corsages amy and jordan
Amy & Jordan

The true test of a knockout corsage? Put it in front of a luxe bridal bouquet and an over-the-top backdrop—if it still jumps out at you, it's a winner. Clearly, this extra-large Flower Bar creation, complete with petite spray roses, passes with flying colors.

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Mom and Dad

corsages laura kelly
Laura Kelly Photography

If she wants to tie her look to your dad's in some way, consider matching floral accessories. Take notes from this mom, whose pink two-rose corsage matched her husband's blush boutonnière.

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Rylee Hitchner

Here's a super-modern interpretation of the traditional corsage—this Jaclyn Journey Event & Floral Design "bracelet" features just one bloom fastened to a metallic band.

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Lots of Greens

Emilia Jane Photography

Greenery fans, this one's for you. Make like this mom, whose Fleur Inc. wrist arrangement referenced both her daughter's leafy wedding bouquet and the vine-themed floral décor.

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Pride Colors

Corbin Gurkin

These Floribunda rainbow ranunculus corsages would feel right at home at a same-sex wedding.

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Mini Bouquet

jessica and kris bryant mother of bride
J. Anne Photography

If you're looking for a way to connect your wedding look to your mom's, consider adorning her wrist with the same blooms you're carrying down the aisle, like this mother-daughter duo. Their respective bouquet and corsage both featured white garden roses from Layers of Lovely.

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The Perfect Shot

corsages ray kang
Ray Kang

No matter what style of corsage Mom chooses, you'll want to document it appropriately. This emotional shot is doubly perfect—it shows off this mother's love for her child and shows off her floral accessory (we love how this corsage's band subtly matches the rest of her pearl jewelry!).

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corsages clapp studios
Clapp Studios

Who says that a corsage has to involve flowers to make an impact? We love how the reflective gems and rose gold metal in this ribbon-tied accessory perfectly reflects this mom's sequined gown.

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