Logistical questions aren't the only things you need to discuss with your pro.

By Alyssa Brown
December 13, 2017
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Wedding planners are used to being ask a litany of wedding-related questions, but there are plenty of other things they'd like to discuss with you, too. From how they'll work best with you and vendor gratuities to the best ways to rein in your mom, here are a few questions they're waiting on you to ask.

How many hours do you estimate will go into planning our wedding?

It can be helpful for couples to have a point of reference in regards to time management so they know what they're getting into when they sign a contract with a wedding planner. This question should have a two-fold answer, addressing both the time that'll go into planning on the client side and the time spent by the planner.

What's the best way for us to communicate on a regular basis?

All planners work differently and it's important that you have a clear sense of how best to communicate with your pro. Maybe that means a biweekly phone call or monthly in-person meeting, or maybe you'd do better with a weekly to-do list. Whatever you choose as your communication strategy, it's important that you revisit this over time if it's not working.

What can we do for our guests to thank them for attending our wedding?

Thank-you notes are always a nice gesture, but your wedding planner might be able to help you come up with a more creative way to thank your guests for attending your wedding celebration.

Should we tip our vendors?

There are a lot of vendors you'll want to provide a little something extra for. Your wedding planner should be happy to talk you through what's appropriate for gratuities. Don't forget to throw a little thanks their way, too.

Where can we cut back without impacting the overall look and feel of the wedding?

Wedding planners are used to hearing, "That's so expensive!" Rather than going into panic mode about your wedding budget, this is an opportunity to take advantage of your wedding planner's expertise. They know exactly where you can shave off a few dollars without upsetting the overall vibe of your day.

How can we rein in my mother?

You won't be the first or the last to ask this question to a wedding planner, so feel free to throw it out there. Your pro should have some helpful tactics to keep your mom on track and out of your hair.

Do we have to have a wedding party?

Most wedding planners will giggle about this one. You'd be surprised how much stress and anxiety a bridal party can cause for a bride. In short, it's absolutely not a necessity, but chat with your planner about ways to involve your friends without a lot of drama.

Where will your team be on our wedding day?

At least a week before your wedding, your planner should be able to provide you with detailed breakdown of who will be located where on your wedding day. You'll want to know who will be in the bridal suite while you're getting ready, who will be setting up at the venue, and who will be wrangling the boys.


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