Stop saying a little prayer and start rejoicing: ABC is developing a television sequel to one of your favorite wedding movies of all time.
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If you practically spat out your crème brûlée when you heard about ABC's plans to produce a TV show remake of the 1997 P.J. Hogan-directed film, you're not alone. For those of you who haven't seen the Golden Globe- and Academy Award-nominated rom-com starring Julia Roberts in her prime, a dreamy Dermot Mulroney, and a still semi new-to-the-screen Cameron Diaz, a recap:

In the movie, Julianne Potter (Roberts), a food critic who's not much of a romantic, selfishly sets out to sabotage the wedding of her longtime pal (and former boyfriend) Michael O'Neal (Mulroney) to a 20-year-old named Kimberly Wallace (Diaz) who's NEVER GONNA BE JELL-O. Our lead is selfish and vindictive-who does that?!-but still incredibly endearing as she juggles her jealous plots-against the advice of her lovable editor-slash-fake-fiancé George Downes (Rupert Everett). The series will reportedly begin where the movie left off and follow Julianne and George's life back in the Big Apple. Here's what we want to see in the episodes.

Julia Roberts.

Duh. Plus Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, and Rupert Everett. Sadly, no word yet on whether or not the original cast will reprise their roles, and considering their superstar status, it may not be likely, but hey, a girl can dream.

A still-married Michael and Kimberly.

Yes, the bride was young, and yes, they seemed to have an awful lot of communication issues just days before the big day, but you have to admit they were adorable together. And much of the conflict can be attributed to the efforts of a destructive third party. Granted, this set-up leaves a little less room to play with the plot, but we're always rooting for happy couples. Let's hope Julianne learned her lesson and stopped meddling in their marriage.

Julianne finally finding love.

She wouldn't even let Michael hold her in public when they were dating. And when the credits roll, Julianne is still lacking in the love department (though she does have George, and let's face it, that's the real love story here). But we'd like to see Julianne navigate the Manhattan dating pool and get her own guy (for once).

George getting married.

Think about it. The title alone practically begs for George, who is Julianne's gay BFF, to wed in the upcoming series. Plus, the timing is perfect, as the Supreme Court ruled in favor same-sex marriage this year-a huge stride since '97. We can only imagine what kind of shenanigans George's work wife will encounter (or cause) while helping him prepare for his big day. Our prediction? She'll be a much better MOH this time around, but she'll probably still wear a killer dress-she wouldn't be comfortable unless she was distinctive.

Spontaneous group songs.

I think we're all saying a little prayer for more of this magic.


We're pretty sure this one's a given. To borrow the last line of the movie, "Maybe there won't be marriage ... maybe there won't be sex ... but, by God, there'll be dancing."


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