Here's what you need to know before making a final fashion decision.

By Katelyn Chef
June 06, 2019

June, July, and August are prime months for a wedding if you're hoping for blue skies with plenty of sunshine, budding flowers, and warm temperatures. But the aspects you love most about this season are the ones that also prove most challenging when trying to choose attire for your wedding party. When it comes to your bridesmaids, you want them to be cool and comfortable-so does that mean long-sleeved dresses are off the table during the summer? Here, experts help explain whether or not bridesmaids can (or should!) wear long-sleeved dresses at warm-weather celebrations.

As with most things wedding-related, the decision is ultimately up to you; it's your wedding day, and if you've always envisioned your bridesmaids wearing long-sleeved dresses, there's a way to bring that look to life while still ensuring everyone feels great. Lindsey Love, an online stylist with BHLDN, says that, in this case, choosing the right fabric is the most important thing you can do to ensure the style you love really works for the season. "Bridesmaids should look for options made from breathable, lightweight fabrics like chiffon," she says. Something billowy with loose sleeves will help keep everyone cool, too.

Julie Sabatino, a wedding-day stylist and owner of The Stylish Bride, agrees that fabric is key, but also adds that you should still take the weather-and your locale's climate-into consideration. "Long-sleeved bridesmaids' dresses work int he summer if the sleeves are light and as long as you aren't getting married in a really hot climate," she explains, adding that while it's possible to achieve, it's not a look she's seen many bridal parties go for. "It's rarely done though, and there aren't many options out there in traditional bridesmaid dresses."

Assuming your bridesmaids are on board-it's always a good idea to ask everyone about their fashion preferences before you start shopping-there's a way to make long-sleeved dresses work. Worried that a classic long sleeve will keep your attendants too warm? Try an elbow- or three-quarter-length sleeve instead.


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