The royal nuptials are currently set for May 29 at St. James' Palace in London.

By Nashia Baker
March 12, 2020
Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi
Credit: Getty Images

With the coronavirus epidemic currently taking the world by storm, many events are being postponed—potentially even royal ones. Though Princess Beatrice's upcoming wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi—whose family is from Italy, which is currently on lockdown—is still on schedule for May 29 at St. James' Palace in London, the pandemic has impacted the guest list. According to Page Six, the couple's big-day roster of attendees is still up in the air, specifically because of the virus. "The coronavirus has thrown a bit of a [wrench] in the works," the source explained. "Although there's no suggestion that Italy will remain on lockdown until the end of May, obviously the whole thing does cast doubt over the guest list."

One guest that may not be able to make the wedding? Prince Philip. "If the coronavirus reaches Italian proportions in the UK, I seriously doubt the Duke would run the risk of traveling to London for Beatrice's wedding," Phil Dampier, a royal author, told the outlet.

In addition to the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth could be limited in terms of travel, as well—especially in light of news that the her staff is now taking extra steps to protect her health. "The Queen is soldiering on at the moment," Dampier added. "But if the coronavirus gets worse, I can't imagine the palace powers-that-be will want her meeting and greeting thousands of people. Not at her age."

While some details are out of Princess Beatrice and her soon-to-be husband's control, the couple is still pushing ahead. Just recently, they finalized one major detail for their big day: the wedding party. According to The Daily Mail, the two chose Edoardo's three-year-old son, Christopher, as the best man. The little one's responsibilities are still being confirmed, but he is set to hand his father the rings during the ceremony.


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