The already-married duo expressed interest in throwing a massive party earlier this year.

By Sarah Schreiber
August 13, 2019

It's no secret that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's second wedding plans have fluctuated over the past few months. Though the couple originally wanted a "big, blowout" event to follow their intimate courthouse nuptials, they now have their eyes set on something much smaller, reports Us Weekly—the result of a turbulent first year of marriage that revolved around Bieber's personal health.

Though much has changed for the duo, one thing is for certain: They definitely want to throw a second celebration by the end of the year. In fact, they're already focusing on finalizing a date now that they've resumed their wedding plans. "Justin and Hailey still don't have a wedding date but they are starting to look at fall dates. It will be very small," the source said, before adding that the pair doesn't know exactly where they want to host their party (previous reports claimed that Baldwin and Bieber were considering tying the knot in Canada, the singer's home country).

Though we don't know where this intimate fête will unfold, we do know that it will share one special commonality with the couple's first wedding (the duo exchanged vows at a New York City courthouse in September 2018): It will likely fall around their very first anniversary (a different Us Weekly insider actually corroborated this theory in June).

Whenever (and wherever!) Bieber and Baldwin decide to tie the knot (again), they have the unwavering support of their families. The model's cousin, Ireland Baldwin, recently opened up about the duo's bond and how it's changed her relative for the better: "I love Justin, and I love Hailey," she said. "I love spending time with them. She's my little cousin, like my little baby, so I'm so excited to see her growth and her beautiful house that she's living in. She's full wife mode now, so I love it."


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