Winter Wedding Boutonnieres Done Right

Denise Porcaro, the founder and owner of Flower Girl NYC, shares her top tips for finding the perfect bout for a cold-weather wedding.

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Whether you are having a black-tie affair or something less formal, the groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres should be well thought out and tie into the overall feel of the celebration. When choosing your flowers, the best advice that I can offer is to stay seasonal. Not only are the flowers at their prime within their season, it is often much more cost-effective. And luckily, In the winter months, staying seasonal can be quite exciting!

There are so many fun textures and pods to choose from such as berries, leucadendron, dusty miller, juniper, cotton buds, brunia … the list goes on and on. (Anemones and ranunculus are two of my personal favorites!) Some traditional blooms are also available throughout the year, so don't worry too much-just be flexible. A good florist can help guide you and suggest options that will work for your aesthetic.

For winter boutonnieres, I suggest pulling from the bridal party's bouquets to stay cohesive. Many times, we pull a similar flower from the bride's bouquet for the groom, but choose something different for the groomsmen, fathers, ring bearer, etc. This helps differentiate the groom and provide a nice matching moment for the couple.

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As a general rule of thumb for winter boutonnieres, pods and textures are quite masculine, and they hold up well after hug, after hug, after hug … They are also usually well received by most dudes, which is a huge bonus. I love to mix a simple flower of the season and a textural item-the juxtaposition of a delicate flower and more masculine greens with a tie of satin or twine to finish it off is the perfect touch for your winter wedding lapels.

Trent Bailey Photography

Last but not least, no matter the season, do ask your groom-to-be if he has an opinion about what he is wearing or if he wants a boutonniere at all. You may be very surprised at the response!

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