Velvet Bows Escort-Card Display

Set the scene for a formal affair with these escort cards that adorably separate the ladies from the gents.

Photo: Emily Kate Roemer

In this velvety display, women's seating assignments have handmade bows pinned at the top, like hair accessories, while men's are at the bottom, à la neckties. We DIY'd the bows by joining two loops of velvet ribbon with hot glue, then pinned them to a fabric-wrapped board with nailhead trim. The flowers are burgundy dahlias and chocolate cosmos, which are velvety to the touch.


  • Cotton batting Scissors
  • 30-by-30-inch stretched canvas
  • Mask
  • Spray-mount adhesive
  • 1 yd upholstery velvet
  • Staple gun
  • Gloves
  • Nailhead-trim kit
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Hammer


1. Cut batting with scissors to fit the size of the canvas. Wearing a mask, spray batting with spray adhesive and place canvas face down on top of batting; let dry.

2. Lay velvet right-side down; center the batting side of the canvas on top.

3. Starting at the center of one side, pull fabric taut and staple to canvas frame; continue stapling every 2 inches. At each corner, fold one side neatly under the other and staple in place. Cut away excess fabric.

4. Flip board over and put on work gloves. Unroll nailhead trim and cut into four 30-inch pieces with pliers. Beginning in each corner, secure trim to board using nails from the kit.


Stretched 30-by-30-inch canvas, $35,; Pindler and Pindler upholstery velvet, $36/yd,; Dritz upholstery nailhead-trim kit, #44286, $16/5yds,

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