And is this tradition really necessary?

By Alyssa Brown
March 01, 2019
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Bridesmaids' luncheons have been a tradition for as long as bridal parties have been around. Typically hosted by the bride on the day before the wedding, this gathering tends to take place at a fancy restaurant, with all attendants dressed up for the occasion. "But what's the point?" you ask. Well, it's quite a lovely tradition to welcome your bridal party, thank them, and to enjoy a little quality time with them before all the other wedding guests arrive for the weekend. Is it necessary? No, but there are plenty of good reasons to have one if you're interested!

It's a chance to welcome your bridal party to the wedding weekend.

Your ladies have likely traveled from near and far to be part of your wedding weekend, so it's important to make them feel extra special upon arrival. This event is meant to not only welcome them to the weekend, but it's a chance for all of you to sit down together and talk through the people you're excited to see and the things you're most looking forward to.

It's the perfect opportunity to thank your bridesmaids.

At its heart, this tradition is meant to thank your bridal party for being by your side this weekend. When it comes to marriage, we all know there's no way to get through it if you don't have great girlfriends to talk you through the ups and downs, and these girls have had your back from the very start. You can thank them with a thoughtful toast and personalized notes. This is typically a great time to hand out the gifts you've gotten them.

You'll be able to spend some quality time with just your girls.

Your wedding weekend is likely to be fun-filled and scheduled down to the minute with visits with friends and family. Being able to take a little time before the chaos kicks in to revel in the company of your dearest girlfriends and check in with them about any last-minute concerns or anxieties you might be having is a gift.

Know that you have alternative options, too.

Still not convinced that a bridesmaids' luncheon is for you? Consider taking the ladies out to brunch at a favorite casual restaurant instead. Or, make a booking for a spa afternoon and take some time to hang out by the pool together. You don't have to follow the formula of making this a formal event. Make it feel like you, spending quality time with your girls and thanking them for getting you here to this very special weekend.


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