The Greatest Showman actor called Deborra-lee Furness his "rock."
Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness celebrate 21st anniversary
Credit: Hugh Jackman via Instagram

According to Hugh Jackman, he wouldn't be half as successful today without his wife, Deborra-lee Furness, by his side. In an interview with People, the Greatest Showman star opened up about his loving 21-year-long marriage, calling Furness his "rock."

Jackman's career may have "started late," he said, but he'd found his number one fan and supporter long before his acting was recognized. "Deb and I were already set together, a team, madly in love, like literally before it all happened," he explained. "We can kind of see all the ups and downs for what they are. Our priority is our family, and we're there for each other no matter what."

The Les Misérables star may have achieved critical acclaim over the years, but there isn't a day-or an awards show-that goes by that he doesn't feel grateful for his relationship. "Even at the Oscars, I walk out, I put my hand on my heart and I always look to Deb in the audience," he said. "Straight afterwards, I will not see anybody in my dressing room until Deb's been in. Because that is my foundation, that is the rock, that is the foundation of our family, and therefore my life."

Jackman met Furness on the set of the Australian drama Correlli in 1995, and celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary in April. Today, the couple share two children, Oscar and Ava. Raising them with Furness, he said, has been the greatest joy and privilege of his life-one that supersedes his career, which has its highs and lows. "Underneath the surface where it's real, and where it's still and where it's deep, that is the love I have with Deb," he said, of the thing that matters most.


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