20 Summer Engagement Photo Ideas That Highlight the Season

couple twirling on beach engagement photo
Jessie Caballero

There's a reason why summer is known as the season of love. Long weekends filled with beach trips and balmy breezes are seriously conducive to romance. And while winter—specifically the period around the holidays—is most often associated with the official engagement season, we're here to make a case for the warmer months. To do so, we compiled some of our favorite engagement photos taken during long, sweet summer. We think you'll be just as inspired.

If the imagery ahead doesn't convince you to wait until the temperatures creep back up to plan a proposal (or at least an engagement shoot!), these couple's love stories certainly will. We love how so many of these duos' histories informed both the timing and location of their warm-weather engagement photos—from first date sites and favorite hiking spots to treasured beaches (like this couple, here, who flew out from the Midwest to snap engagement photos on this sunny Malibu, California, beach!) and biking trails.

The best part? You don't actually have to get engaged during the summer (although we're all for it!) to schedule an engagement portrait session during the season. If you or your love proposed during the fall, you might want to paint a fuller portrait of the year leading up to your wedding by snapping those photos during the summer. Maybe the summer is simply your favorite season and you want to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment during a time of year that you relish. Or perhaps you prefer the fashion of summer—sundresses look so pretty in these types of portraits!—to that of any other season.

In case you needed another reason to book your photographer for June (or July or August!), here are 19 more couples who will undoubtedly convince you. Ahead, the sweetest summer engagement photos that'll inspire your own.

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Somewhere Beyond the Sea

couple on dock engagement photo
Abby Jiu Photography

Elizabeth and Mike decided to have their engagement photos taken on a sailboat (so romantic!) just off the coast of St. Michaels, Maryland—a testament to Mike's family home, which was located nearby.

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Summer Stroll

couple walking in cotton field engagement
Erin Wilson

For native Southerners Jenna and Clayton, an Arkansas cotton field was the ultimate engagement photo backdrop—it put the South in bloom on display.

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A Bike Ride for Two

couple kiss on bicycle engagement photo
Cabrera Photography

This sweet snap was taken at Pageo Lavender Farms in Turlock, California, and featured a sweet gift from the future groom, Manuel, to his bride-to-be, Margartia: a turquoise beach cruiser.

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Beach Dip

couple on beachside cliff engagement photo
Lynn Lewis Photography

"When most people come to visit the city of San Francisco, they love taking photos in front of the Golden Gate Bridge—it's iconic after all. But for the few that venture out of the city, just across the bridge is a rugged coastal landscape reminiscent of Big Sur, with rocky cliffsides, black sand beaches, and views for miles," said photographer Lynn Lewis of John and Arielle's engagement session. The spot was recommended by friends on Arielle's inaugural trip to California, and the detour required to visit this hidden beach was more than worth it. "They spent the early evening hours playing at the edge of cliffs, and it was equal parts romance and adventure," concluded Lewis.

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Hang 10

couple with surfboards engagement photo
Lauren Fair Photography

Magi and Scott both have a passion for surfing, so it was only fitting that their boards (and suits!) stood in as props during their engagement shoot in Ocean City, New Jersey.

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couple kissing in vineyard engagement photo
Morgan Shidler

After chatting with the owner of Sonoma's Schug Winery, Nicole and Justin (who both love wine tasting) knew that it was the place for their engagement photos. "They let us have free rein of the entire property! We had so much fun exploring the vistas of the rolling vineyard hills," said photographer Morgan Shidler. "This was one of the last shots of the day as the fog rolled in closer to sunset."

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couple hugging under tree engagement photo
Heather McCormick

Laine and Zach, who met two years ago after being introduced by mutual friends, paused for a photo alongside Lake Bloomington, in Bloomington, Illinois.

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In and Around the Woods

couple in crop field engagement photo
aKaiser Photo

Katelynn and Sharayah frolicked around a few places in Subury, Ontario, during their engagement portrait session. The duo even found a spot close to this grassy trail where they could ride bikes—one of their favorite activities to enjoy as a couple.

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In Bloom

couple walking in flower field summer engagement photos
VW Creative

This duo traveled to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival in Vancouver to snap this colorful shot. As for that candid smile? "We had them walk along the side of the garden and asked Konrad to do his best to make Rena laugh," said the photographers at VW Creative.

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Under the Pier

couple under beach boardwalk engagement photo
Alyssa Rachel

Loreda and David took advantage of one of San Diego's most beautiful beaches—Scripps Beach!—when it came time to take engagement photos. This snapshot was taken under Scripps Pier, in La Jolla, California.

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Amber Waves of Grain

couple giggling in crops field engagement photo
Russ Hickman

Marsh Creek State Park in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, meant a lot to Lizzy and Jocelyn (it's the site where Lizzy proposed, and also where Jocelyn surprised her fiancée with an engagement ring of her own a few months ago!). It was only fitting that the duo returned to the wheat-filled spot to take engagement photos.

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Over the Bridge

couple on bridge engagement photo
Brklyn View Photography

This duo paused on copper bridge in Central Park, surrounded by some of New York City's finest nature, to share the perfect engagement photo kiss.

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couple on motorcycle engagement photo
Lauren Fair Photography

Trinity and Kermit had been living on the road, traversing the continental U.S. in their RV, when they asked Lauren and Tim Fair to snap a few engagement photos just outside of Palm Springs. "It was the perfect setting to document this time in their lives," said Lauren of the road-side location. "They both have a passion for riding, so we had to incorporate their awesome motorcycle for some shots, too."

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Whale Watching

couple on rock beach engagement kiss
Cambry Lain

Rachel contacted photographer Cambry Lain to set up a surprise engagement photoshoot a few months after her fiancée, Robin, proposed—this time, she wanted to be the one to astonish her wife-to-be. She knew she loved the Oregon Coast, especially for it's whale watching opportunities, so the trio headed there when the day arrived. "We ended the day with a gorgeous sunset on the beach just below the Yaquina Head Lighthouse," explained Lain. "It was a windy but magical day—we even spotted multiple whales during our session!"

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couple running on boardwalk engagement photo
Kathy DeNinno

Downtown Los Angeles' Arts District is known for its incredible building murals—one of which made for the ultimate backdrop to Thomas and Sam's engagement photos, which were taken at the end of August. "The session was so filled with love, laughter, and lots of moments like this," said photographer Kathy DeNinno.

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Beach Romance

couple embrace on beach engagement photo
Irina Turkova

Eva and Dennis worked with photographer Irina Turkova and florist Ana Subbotin to create engagement photos that were dreamy and romantic—and indicative of their love for the beach (hence the Rodeo Beach, California, location!). Eva's ethereal dress and loosely-tied bouquet played into that vibe. "The couple enjoyed running up and down the beach in the refreshing West Coast water, with their hearts full and butterflies in their stomach," said Subbotin.

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Out and About

couple walking street with dog engagement photo
Heather McCormick

Rachel and Logan, who, according to photographer Heather McCormick, "have ridiculously cool style and are obsessed with their sweet pup Lillian," snapped their engagement photos on the balmy streets of Bloomington, Illinois—with Lillian in tow, of course.

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Epic Love Story, Simple Photos

couple hugging in oceanside field engagement photo
Sky & Reef Photography

Following a whirlwind romance—that involved a spontaneous first encounter, a long-distance relationship, and a romantic cross-country relocation—Kenrika and Razvan kept their engagement photos, which were taken at El Matador in Malibu, simple.

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Five Years of Love

couple embrace by flowers engagement photo
Valeria Heine Photography

Five years after their friendship turned romantic—they leaned on each other while going through tough break ups around the same time—Katie and Alice celebrated half a decade of love (and their upcoming wedding!) with a few candid photos, which were snapped at Highlands Ranch Mansion in Colorado.

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