Give your guests something to remember.
Credit: Landon Jacob

It can be tough to choose a wedding favor that appropriately expresses how thankful you are to your guests for joining you on the big day. Somehow a coaster with your face on it just doesn't seem to do it. If you're at a loss for what to send your wedding attendees home with, consider these five ideas from pro planners Jacin Fitzgerald, Calder Clark, and Mindy Weiss. Here, the experts share their all-time favorite wedding favors, and their great ideas will definitely inspire your own gifts.


A long night of partying may be exhilarating, but it's also exhausting. You'll be your guests' saving grace the next morning if you send them home from the reception with breakfast. "I love giving guests a fresh bagel, Starbucks gift card, and a Sunday newspaper as a wedding favor," says Weiss. "It's the perfect mix of carbs and relaxation."

Something Sweet

"The very best parting favors are edible ones," says Clark, and our other experts agree that sweet is the way to go. Some of Clark's favorites from past weddings include a DIY trail mix bar, strawberry cheddar scones, personalized macarons, custom French marshmallow "love knots," or slices of leftover wedding cake. Simply put, there's no wrong way to send guests to bed with dessert.

Personalized Poetry

Calling all hopeless romantics: This is the favor for you. Fitzgerald recommends enlisting the help of a creative mind to develop custom poetry for each guest. The poet her clients used, Silvi from the Poetry Store, was able to type up prose on beautiful paper and personalize it based on a few questions asked to each guest. "It's almost like a fortune, but more sentimental. My clients' guests were blown away," she says.

Good Karma

If there's a cause that is near and dear to your beloved's heart, there is always the option of opting for a donation in lieu of favors-while still having fun with it. Weiss recalls a wedding where donations were made in every guests' name to the Best Friends Animal Society. Once guests were seated, they found a photo and bio of the animal they helped. Fitzgerald loves her animal lovers, too. One of her past couples donated to the Humane Society and gave guests engraved dog bones as well as dog-bone shaped cookies.

A New Profile Pic

While many favors focus on the bride and groom in some way, Weiss suggests sending everyone home with a gift that puts your guests front and center. "Have a photographer taking guests' photos as they enter in front of a fun backdrop (like a flower wall) and have the photos ready for guests as they depart," she suggests. "It's a great keepsake that they'll actually want to keep!"


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