Plus, these two know exactly what they'd like to do for their bachelor and bachelorette parties.
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Getting Interviewed by E! News
Credit: Courtesy of E! News

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander have been engaged since 2016, but if you're holding your breath for a wedding in the near future, you may want to think again. E! News caught up with the couple at the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend, and it turns out they still have a long way to go planning-wise.

Kate Upton Is Engaged to Justin Verlander!

"We are getting married. That's about as much as we know," Upton told E! News' Marc Malkin. "We've got some ideas," Verlander countered, but Upton shared "We don't even know where yet."

The reason for the stall? "My schedule is about to be ridiculously busy, so we still have plenty of time," said Verlander. The Detroit Tigers pitcher is likely referencing offseason training, which will officially begin in a month.

When pressed for more details, the pair remained vague ("It's gonna be white," Upton confirmed regarding her wedding dress). They did, however, reveal some pre-wedding details: The two both have visions for their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Verlander plans to have "maybe a couple, three," because wrangling his widespread friends for one big bash sounds tough. Upton had no qualms with this announcement, joking "that will make me plan the wedding faster!"

The model was also straightforward with some ideas of her own. "I really want to go to Mexico and have so much tequila," she shared. Sounds like a party to us!

Though there are no kids in question yet, the couple may be expanding their family soon. "I want like 17 dogs still," Upton confessed, to which Verlander responded: "I have to hold her back."

We'll be looking out for more details from these two. In the meantime, good luck in the offseason, Verlander!


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