55 Heartwarming Mother-Daughter Wedding Photos

A Bride and Flower Girl Dancing
Elizabeth Messina

There's nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her daughter. Your mom has been your biggest cheerleader from the very beginning—when you were just a hope and dream, from the first day she held you in her arms, when she watched you march off to school, and, especially, on your wedding day. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked some of our favorite photographers to share their most memorable mother-daughter wedding photos.

From getting ready photos—including one adorable mother-daughter duo in matching pajamas!—and walks down the aisle to mother-daughter dances and emotional portraits, we cannot get enough of these super sweet photos. Even better, each photographer shared what they loved most about the image, giving us a little peek into the worlds shared by these mother's and their radiant daughters. We even have a few photos of moms with their sweet little ones, showing just how special it is to share your wedding day with a child of your own.

As you pay tribute to all of the moms out there, check out these adorable, hysterical, heartwarming, and tear-jerking (you've been warned!) photos of mom's and their daughters on the big day. Happy Mother's Day, Moms!

"This stunning bride, Jaime, took some time to dance and spin with her daughter between portraits. Jaime and her husband Evan Longoria and their two beautiful children shared so much love and joy on their wedding day." —Elizabeth Messina

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Giving Away the Bride

A Mother Helping Her Daughter Hold Her Wedding Dress
Annie McElwain

"I love this photo of the mother of the bride walking her daughter down the aisle. In my opinion, it's great how the tradition of 'giving away the bride' has transformed more into a more modern and loving act of support by the bride's mother. Plus, I love that these two are simply glowing with happiness." —Annie McElwain

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Tears of Joy

A Bride Crying and Hugging Her Mother
Shaun Menary Photography

"If you couldn't tell, these two are joined at the hip. We LOVE this photo simply because you can feel how joyful Rukshana is and how much she loves her daughter. This sweetness happened right after the ceremony with Rukshana and Assia embracing one another with tears of joy, and it makes for a moving moment featuring authentic and palpable affection. The unfiltered emotion makes this one of our favorite mother-daughter photographs." —Shannon Menary

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Celebrating Tradition

A Bride with Her Mother and Grandmother
Jen Fariello Photography

"Sharing in what has serendipitously become a family tradition, I was honored to be the third generation wearing this wedding dress. Leila Welch, my maternal grandmother, first wore the dress in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 28, 1961. The dress was worn for a second time by my mother, Leila Brazeal, 32 years ago for her wedding in Birmingham, Alabama, when her parents got married on June 30, 1984." —bride, Katie

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Part of the Day

A Mother and Daughter Smiling
Gia Canali

"My bride Lauren did the sweetest thing on her October 10, 2015, wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn. She had a private moment with both of her parents before we left the getting-ready room for the whirlwind of the wedding day. She gave both her mother and her father a present and then made time to have a special photograph with each parent. I love how radiantly beautiful and happy she and her mother Amy both look here. Lauren gave Amy a bouquet to carry, which made her look like an attendant. It's a sweet touch." —Gia Canali

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Final Adjustments

A Mother Helping Her Daughter with Her Wedding Dress Train
Liz Banfield

"Moments before this bride walked down the aisle, her elegant mother stopped to straighten her daughter's veil. The shot made sweeter by the flower girl looking on from the side." —Liz Banfield

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A Quiet Moment

A Mother and Daughter Outside of the Wedding Venue
Ross Oscar Knight

"This image is special to me because I've known the family for such a long time. The wedding was personal and I felt as if I was a family member in attendance. Shaundra, the bride, is a wedding planner so she was intimately involved in every single detail of her day. One thing she couldn't choreograph was this beautiful sunlit moment in the garden as she and her mother held hands and instinctively glanced in opposite directions. Shaundra held a reflective gaze while her mother beamed a smile full of pride." —Ross Oscar Knight

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A "First Look"

A Bride and Her Mom Holding a Drink on Her Wedding Day
The Edges Wedding Photography

"Erinn and her mother, Susan, took a quick break during cocktail hour to see the dinner area setup before all the guests were seated. All the months of planning—choosing all the linens, flowers, glassware, etc.—came together when they saw everything for the first time." —Allison & Matt Edge

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An Heirloom Accessory

A Mother Zipping Up Her Daughter's Wedding Dress
Tim Tab Studios

"After my bride Kate's parents arrived in America as refugees over 40 years ago, it took a while to get settled. But when things were steady, her dad bought two Seiko watches for himself and her mom as a celebration of their new life. On Kate's wedding day, she wore a gold Seiko watch in honor of her mother." —Tim Tabailloux

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Honoring Tradition

Mother Helping Her Daughter on Her Wedding Day
Britt Chudleigh

"Something I hold dear and that motherhood and weddings have in common is the concept of tradition. Passing on family and cultural specialness to one's children has such depth of meaning. Watching this mother drape her daughter in traditional clothing held such significance. My heart warmed as I watched mother show her newly married daughter the importance of family and where you come from but also as she cared enough to take the garment off her own back for her daughter's comfort. That's motherhood and that's love." —Britt Chudleigh

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Admiring the Dress

Mother and Daughter Holding a Wedding Dress
Carrie Patterson Photography

"Colby and her mother admire the Claire Pettibone gown she picked out for her wedding day. You can see the joy and excitement in this moment just before Colby slips in to her dress!" —Carrie Patterson

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The Morning Of

A Mother Hugging Her Daughter
Birds of a Feather

"Sophie and her mom really are best friends. The whole wedding was gorgeous, but the best part was capturing the incredible bond this beautiful family shared." —Rebecca and Jen at Birds of a Feather

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Holding Hands

A Mother and Daughter Holding Hands
Gayle Brooker

"I love the shared moments between a mother and a daughter. Emotions are high and the love is immense." —Gayle Brooker

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Adding the Finishing Touch

A Mother Helping Her Daughter with Her Wedding Jewelry
Rebecca Yale Photography

"I love when the bride's mom helps her into her gown. It's such an emotionally charged moment donning the dress you're about to say your I do's in and there's always a mix of excitement and anticipation. I loved this open-mouthed expression the bride and her mom exchanged as she slipped a diamond bracelet on her wrist as the finishing touch before the bride was to go see her groom." —Rebecca Yale

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In Between Moments

A Bride and Her Mom on Her Wedding Day
Wendy Laurel Photography

"I love this photo because of how close the bride is with her mother. The bride's heritage is Chinese but her groom was Indian. To honor her mother and family, the bride choose to have a traditional tea ceremony before the Indian wedding ceremony. Here the bride's mother is in the traditional Chinese outfit form the tea ceremony with her daughter in her Indian wedding gown. The photo below was the bride in her tea ceremony gown with her mother right after the tea ceremony before changing into her wedding dress." —Wendy Laurel

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All Smiles

A Bride Laughing with Her Mom
KT Merry

"This is my bride, Katie, and her mom. Their energy was contagious and the minute they were close to one another you couldn't wipe away their smiles and giggles." —KT Merry

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A Quiet Moment

Mother and Daughter Looking Out the Window
Christian Oth Studio

Bride Liana and her mother take a moment to look out the window before they finish getting ready for the ceremony.

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Adding the Veil

A Mother Helping Her Daughter Put On Her Wedding Veil
Sposto Photography

"Such joy it is to see your daughter getting married! This was such a special moment between mother and daughter." —Shauntelle Sposto

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The Best of Friends

A Bride and Her Mom Holding Hands Before the Wedding
Judy Pak Photography

"There is nothing like the overwhelming love and emotion you feel throughout your wedding day; but what truly makes your day special are intimate special moments like this shared with people you love the most in the world. My mom is truly the most incredible and inspiring woman I have ever met, who I am lucky enough to have as my best friend and rock. Having this memorable moment before I went to see my groom, made my heart feel complete." —bride, Ashley

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A Moment of Joy

Mother and Daughter Holding Hands and Laughing
Elisa Bricker

"Mother-daughter moments of tenderness and joy always move me. This pair brought all the joy and anticipation they shared for the wedding day together into this moment of spontaneous celebration as the bride stepped into her dress with her mother's help." —Elisa Bricker

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Her Mother's Day

A Bride and Her Flower Girl
Larissa Cleveland Photography

"Christine and her seven-year-old daughter, Victoria, got ready together on Christine's wedding day. Victoria couldn't have been more excited for her mom to marry Brad, and for Brad's son Ford, also seven, to officially be her brother. Victoria wrote her mom the sweetest notes and gave them to her the morning of the wedding." —Larissa Cleveland

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Perfectly Posed

An Outdoor Photo of a Mother and Bride
Sposto Photography

"There's nothing that compares to having a stunning portrait with your mother. I love the resemblance and outfit choice here." —Shauntelle Sposto

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Beneath the Veil

A Mother Carrying a Baby
Elizabeth Messina

"On a sunny afternoon in Napa, this lovely bride held her young daughter for some of the portraits. They played under her veil and were so sweet together." —Elizabeth Messina

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A Shared Smile

A Bride and Her Mother
Branco Prata

"To me, shared smiles are shared memories." —André Teixeira

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Getting Ready

Mother Helping Her Daughter with Her Wedding Dress
Carmen Santorelli Photography

"I just love getting ready photos because they show the bond a mom has with her daughter and it's always sweet and emotional to witness!" —Carmen Santorelli

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Sharing the Joy

A Bride and Her Mother Laughing on Her Wedding Day
Tim Tab Studios

"Style blogger Liz Adams of Sequins and Stripes has always had a close relationship with her mom. The two took a moment to relish the joy on Liz's wedding day." —Tim Tabailloux

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Two of a Kind

A Mother Helping Her Daughter with Her Wedding Veil
Liz Banfield

"For this Jewish wedding, the parents in addition to the groom participated in the "bedeken" ceremony where the bride's veil is put into place following the ketuba. I love seeing her connection with her mother here. And the two look so much alike in profile, it's almost a mirror image." —Liz Banfield

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A Mother's Gaze

A Bride and Her Mom Holding Her Bouquet
The Edges Wedding Photography

"The look Lynnea's mother is giving her says so much. She sees her beautiful daughter stepping into the next phase of life and all the emotions are captured in this photo." —Allison & Matt Edge

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By Her Side

A Mother Holding Her Daughter's Wedding Veil
Sposto Photography

"There's nothing quite like having the comfort of your mother preparing you to walk down the aisle to your future. I love how the bride's mother carefully placed the finishing touches on her before the ceremony began." —Shauntelle Sposto

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Checking Out the Bling

A Mother and Daughter Looking at Her Wedding Ring
Rebecca Yale Photography

"I love capturing candid moments of mothers and daughters on the wedding day and this one of the bride's mom admiring her daughter's new ring during dinner is a favorite." —Rebecca Yale

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Center Stage

A Bride and Her Mom Hugging at the Reception
Shaun Menary Photography

"The dance floor had just opened, and the bride and her mother danced together for a few minutes, laughing and singing along at the tops of their lungs. Afterwards, they embraced one another, and Christie's face melted from a huge, open-mouthed laugh to this affectionate, heart-warming, peaceful grin. We LOVE this photo because Maddie was oblivious to her mother's tender expression at the time, but she'll be able to revisit this moment for the rest of her life. We imagine this is how all mothers feel about their daughters on their wedding days." —Shannon Menary

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Photos of Their Own

A Bride and Her Mom Hugging
Wendy Laurel Photography

"This pair has a very close mother/daughter relationship. While I was taking photos of the bride and groom, her parents were off to the side taking photos also." —Wendy Laurel

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An Emotional Moment

A Bride and Her Mom Holding Hands
Brklyn View Photography

"When Adrienne's Mother placed the wedding veil over her head, the two women shared a very special and emotional moment. I think they stood in that position for a minute or two before shedding a few happy tears of joy." —Jainé Kershner

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A Very Special Walk

A Bride Walking Down the Aisle with Her Mother
Gia Canali

"Tiffany's mom, Joyce, is her best friend and biggest supporter—really and truly—and I love this moment with the two of them. It seems like moms don't get their fair share of built-in moments of honor at a wedding, so we are always delighted when our clients figure out ways to honor their mothers." —Gia Canali

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A Memorable Car Ride

Mother and Daughter in the Wedding Car
Christian Oth Studio

"Nothing shows a more loving relationship between a daughter and her mother than capturing the moment right before her wedding ceremony." —Christian Oth

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The Very Best Friends

A Mother and Daughter Holding Hands
Gayle Brooker

"These two are like two peas in a pod. There is an immense love for each other and I think they were both equally as giddy on the wedding day." —Gayle Brooker

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Sharing Family Heirlooms

Mother Holding Her Daughter's Hand
Carrie Patterson Photography

"Here, Kalen's mother presents her with a treasured family heirloom. This was a particularly important moment for Kalen and I love the adoring expression in her mother's eyes. You can see how proud she is of her daughter!" —Carrie Patterson

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Her Moment, Too

A Mother Helping Her Daughter with Her Hair Before Her Wedding
Sposto Photography

"Mothers can play such a big part in a wedding day. I think having your mom by your side especially when you're getting ready is just as important to you as it is to her." —Shauntelle Sposto

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Mother-Daughter Dance

A Bride and Her Mother Dancing at Her Wedding Reception
Tim Tab Studios

"Halfway through Sara's father-daughter dance, her dad reached for her mom and traded off with her so that Sara and her mom could share a moment on the dance floor. Mother-daughter dances should totally be a thing." —Tim Tabailloux

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A Cherished Memory

A Bride and Her Mom Before Her Wedding
Judy Pak Photography

"I could not have planned my wedding—or really any other part of my life—without my mom. Once my dress and jewelry were on (including a bracelet from my Oma—my mom's mom), it finally felt like my wedding day and it was very special to share the excitement and joy with my mom in a quiet moment before starting all of the festivities. As of a couple of weeks ago, my mom became a grandmother to our beautiful little girl, and this photo reminds me that my mom was by my side right from the beginning as I started the next phase of my life." —bride, Katie

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Only Smiles Here

A Bride Laughing with Her Mother
Annie McElwain

"I'll always remember this photo of a beautiful mother of the bride radiating happiness at her daughter as she puts on her wedding dress. I always love capturing a mother's proud support of her daughter on her wedding day." —Annie McElwain

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A Way to Say Thanks

A Bride and Her Mom
Britt Chudleigh

"A simple portrait is something we tend to take for granted but upon deeper reflection we can be reminded of it's value. A portrait is a physical stamp in time. The bride, Catherine, asked for this portrait with her mother just before she headed to her wedding ceremony. It was important to mark this special and unique moment. In a sense I feel it's a way of saying 'Mom, thank you for all you've done to get me here.'" —Britt Chudleigh

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A Stolen Moment

A Bride and Her Mother Getting Ready for Her Wedding
Shaun Menary Photography

"This one warms our hearts. Kristy had been watching on affectionately as Amber got her hair twisted up and her makeup applied. The makeup artist walked away for a moment, and Kristy stepped in for a hug and a sweet, joyous moment, just between the two of them. We ADORE this photo because we can just feel the love between this mother and her daughter." —Shannon Menary

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Like Sisters

A Mother Helping Her Daughter with Her Wedding Dress
Rebecca Yale Photography

"Moms helping their daughters into their gowns is always a favorite moment of mine and this one is extra special because the bride's mom is a fashion designer and actually designed and made the wedding gown. This mother and daughter were so sweet with each other all day, more like sisters than mother and daughter, and I love both the bride's expression looking at her beautiful gown and the bride's mom straightening the tulle and admiring her daughter in the stunning dress." —Rebecca Yale

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A Loving Embrace

A Bride Embracing Her Mother
Ross Oscar Knight

"This beautiful and emotional wedding was in Antigua Guatemala. The bond that Elisa and Anna share is infectious. After getting dressed, this mother and daughter shared a loving embrace just before it was time for Elisa to walk down the aisle." This beautiful and emotional wedding was in Antigua Guatemala. The bond that Elisa and Anna share is infectious. After getting dressed, this mother and daughter shared a loving embrace just before it was time for Elisa to walk down the aisle." —Ross Oscar Knight

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Dressed and Ready

A Mother Holding Her Daughter's Shoulders on Her Wedding Day
The Edges Wedding Photography

"All of the joy felt during the wedding day is captured in this moment! Lauren and and her mother, Susan, have a great relationship and its easy to see they are best friends. Susan had just finished zipping up Lauren's dress when they turned towards each other and started smiling and laughing. They have both dreamed about this day for so long and the happiness and excitement they felt was captured in this moment." —Allison & Matt Edge

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A Sweet Kiss

Daughter Giving Her Mom a Kiss on the Forehead
Birds of a Feather

"This was the moment right after her mom finished helping Shannon get into her dress. This moment is so tender and heartfelt and encompasses a lifetime of love." —Rebecca and Jen at Birds of a Feather

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The Last Moment Alone

Bride and Mother Hugging
Britt Chudleigh

"Getting ready is my favorite mother/daughter time during the wedding day It really is the last quiet moment the two have together before the day rushes in. This moment, when a mother sees her daughter all ready to head into her new partnership and life, is so tender. I still get emotional watching the mixed jumble of emotions: Pride, happiness, sadness and perhaps the sheer passage of time is felt in the air like a thick fog. Nothing is lovelier." —Britt Chudleigh

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All in the Family

A Bride with Her Family
Jen Fariello Photography

"The bride, Jamie Manning, surrounded by her mother and two aunts. The wedding was a true family affair that embraced the many talents of her family. Her mother, Bentley Grigg (left,) planned and coordinated the entire evening, her aunt Jeanne Cusick (right,) provided hair and makeup for the bride and entire wedding party, and her aunt, Mo Hancher, designed the bride's bouquet and entire wedding party's flowers." —Jen Fariello

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A Handpicked Gift

A Bride Helping Her Mother with Her Jewelry
Sposto Photography

"This bracelet was such a wonderful gift to the bride's mother. The bride carefully curated meaningful gifts for all the women in her family on her big day." —Shauntelle Sposto

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The Sweetest Moment

A Mother and Baby
Elizabeth Messina

"I have a particularly tenderness towards brides that are mothers. My three children were an important part of my wedding day. My youngest was only one at the time and in between getting ready, I was nursing her and tending to my two older children. It is an unique experience and one that is full of so much love and beauty. In this photo my beautiful friend took time to play with (and nurse) her young daughter while looking stunning in her wedding gown." —Elizabeth Messina

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The Closest Pair

A Bride and Her Mom Embracing on Her Wedding Day
Wendy Laurel Photography

"The bride's mom is so close to her and her sister. The bride, Ali, had a photo request of going forehead to forehead with her mom to really document their relationship and closeness. It was a sweet moment and I made sure to take a little time during the family photos to get her with her mom a few ways and with her sister included as well." —Wendy Laurel

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A Little Joke

A Mother and Daughter Laughing Before a Wedding
Jen Fariello Photography

"This was just one of those sweet moments. I think she was making a joke about all those buttons and I just loved the way they looked at each other." —Jen Fariello

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Something Borrowed

A Mom Helping Her Daughter with Her Wedding Jewelry
Brklyn View Photography

"Sara's something old and something borrowed was her mother's diamond tennis bracelet. Her mother Susan clasped the family heirloom on her daughters wrist for the perfect finishing touches on her wedding day." —Jainé Kershner

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A Moment of Thanks

A Bride Hugging Her Mom
Tim Tab Studios

"Less than a month before Greta's wedding day, her mom suffered a cardiac arrest. Miraculously, she noticed the warning signs, sought help and doctors were able to stop her heart attack before it got really bad. Throughout the entire wedding day, everything felt so surreal to both Greta and her mom...because it was perfect. The day was perfect, she was there and healthy. What could have been devastating was so joyful instead. They were abundantly thankful." —Tim Tabailloux

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