Our Special Projects Editor, Anthony Luscia, spotlights his current obsessions in the wedding world!
Credit: Courtesy of Anthony Luscia

Taste This!

One of the best parts of traveling (and your honeymoon!) is experiencing the local food. Try the World lets you do just that without leaving your house. Every two months, you'll receive a box filled with seven to 10 gourmet finds from a different country. A subscription makes a great wedding gift or engagement-announcement present. It's perfect for a foodie couple.

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In the Name of Apps!

Envision taking a gorgeous picture of sunset on your beach honeymoon-only to get home and notice a stranger's hat or a random bird photobombed it! Well, our new favorite app, Photoshop Fix, can retouch that right out of there. You can fix those lines or blemishes or even give yourself a bit of a face lift-Kardashian style-right on your iPhone.

Credit: Courtesy of Vendors

Juice This!

I don't have room, nor want to make room, for another appliance on my kitchen counter. But my need for fresh juice took me on a hunt into the deep, dark jungles of juicing appliances, and what I found was astounding. Well, maybe not astounding but very interesting. There are many gorgeous, well-received appliances, but all required more counter surface then I was willing to give up. Then the juicing gods shined a light on my counter-or should I say my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Kitchen Aid now makes a juicer attachment. With three filter options, it does a beautiful job and takes up zero extra counter space!


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