You do everything as a twosome, so why stop now?
bride and groom holding hands smiling during recessional
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While the ceremony aisle used to be the exclusive path for the bride and her father, tradition has changed and now there are plenty of others who enter the wedding with the bride-including her soon-to-be groom. He's not giving her away but making a simple and sincere statement of unity. Should you and your guy go down this road? Consider both sides before making a decision.

Pro: It feels more modern and personalized.

If the tradition of the bride being "given away" has never appealed to you, this is a great option. Not only will you be making a statement that you're your own person (rather than someone to be given away to another), but you and your soon-to-be husband or wife will show that you're in this together from the very start. Plus, it feels more modern to walk together down the aisle together. After all, you're holding a ceremony merging your two lives. together. Last but not least, you've planned a wedding full of custom touches from the candles to the cake-this is the ultimate in personalization. You're doing what feels right for you, and no one can argue with that.

Con: You'll miss out on the photos of one partner seeing the other coming down the aisle.

If you love those endearing photos of a groom lovingly watching the bride walk towards him, it's important to remember that you won't have those same snapshots from your wedding. Since you two will be walking in together, however, you'll have some incredible images of your joint entrance.

Pro: It's an easy way to overcome your pre-ceremony anxiety.

If you've got pre-wedding jitters, it's nice to know that you'll be holding onto the arm of the person who can expertly chase the fears away. There's something incredibly soothing about making your entrance with the person you're about to commit your life to.

Con: You might let your dad down.

Remember that this moment isn't just about you. If your dad had been looking forward to having this moment with you, you'll need to consider how he'll feel now that he won't get the chance. The last thing you want is to hurt him: Consider walking halfway down the aisle with Dad and the rest of the way with your groom.


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