11 Items to Include in a Groom's Wedding Emergency Kit

Tie the knot without a hitch.

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On the morning of a wedding, many grooms arrive with the necessities: a tuxedo, the wedding bands, and a few grooming basics. But despite meticulous planning, accidents do happen, and it's important to be prepared for any unexpected situation on your big day. Just like the bride packs a wedding emergency kit, the groom should be prepared with his own stash of must-haves. Here are 11 items the groom should have with him on the big day.


Stain Removers

Nothing spoils wedding photos more than a ketchup stain on a shirt collar. Anticipate any spills, splatters, and smears by bringing along stain remover wipes. Apply the remover as soon as possible to the stain-after testing in an inconspicuous spot-for the best chance of eradicating it.

Wardrobe Fixes

Even the most expensive tuxedos can have a loose button or a fallen hem. Pack a miniature sewing kit so that you-or your mom-will be able to immediately correct any wardrobe malfunction. Just make sure the kit includes all the necessities, like needles, extra shirt buttons, thread, safety pins, and hem tape.

Extra Cuff Links

A great pair of cuff links elevates any wedding ensemble. You'll want to bring along an extra pair in case one falls out during your ceremony or reception, or in the event one of your groomsmen forgets to pack his own.

Lint Brush

White lint looks painfully vivid on black clothing. Keep your tuxedo looking crisp and clean with the help of a handy lint roller.


Many grooms find themselves breaking into a sweat before their ceremony, whether it's from big day nerves or a scorching hot summer heat. Pack an extra stick of deodorant to avoid both sweat stains and bad smells.


From an upset stomach to a pounding headache, unexpected health issues will put a damper on any groom's mood. Bring pain-relieving medicine, an antacid, and allergy medications (if needed) to the venue, in order to stop pesky symptoms in their tracks.

Breath Fresheners

That pre-ceremony glass of whisky will linger on your breath. Freshen up before walking down the aisle with a quick swirl of mouthwash. Keeping a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, and floss on hand isn't a bad idea, either.

Extra Black Socks

Imagine stepping in a puddle and subsequently spending your wedding day with uncomfortably wet socks. Always pack a few spare pairs, just in case. The backup pair could also save any forgetful groomsmen who come to the wedding wearing ratty white gym socks.

Shoe Shine Wipes

Scuffed shoes stand out like a sore thumb in wedding photos. Before the big day, pick up a shoe shine kit for the specific color and style of footwear you'll be donning for the ceremony. Before walking down the aisle, touch up your loafers if needed.


If you expect to get teary-eyed watching the bride walk down the aisle, consider stashing a handkerchief in your tuxedo. The square of cotton also works for blotting sweat and wiping your nose, and it looks classier than a plastic pack of tissues.


Even if you paid for your wedding in advance, vendors should still receive a sufficient tip before heading home. Unless you've made other arrangements, carry enough cash to tip the DJ, limo driver, caterer, bartender, and any other big-day helper.

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