These boozy bites are wonderfully unexpected.

By Emily Platt
March 22, 2018
jello shots
Credit: Hallie Burton

When it comes to wedding menus, gelatin shots typically aren't high on the must-have list. But the boozy bites can actually be an amazing addition to your celebration-and especially ones that look and taste like these. We worked with pro caterer Peter Callahan to create treats that redefine the jiggly morsels that you're used to seeing. Below, learn more about the alcoholic snacks, including why you should consider them for your own event.

What to Serve

The key to elevated gelatin shots? Go beyond just Jell-o powder, water, and alcohol. Callahan's versions are so fun because they're based off of popular wedding beverages. For flavor inspiration, look to our examples, or turn to another favorite drink or cocktail. Then, shape them in inventive ways. "What makes these so unique is how they're styled," says Callahan. "These looks add some whimsy," which sets them apart from their basic relatives.

(Clockwise from top left): Miniature coupes with Champagne-flavored gelatin, Manhattan-inspired bourbon "cherries" with sugar stems, grapefruit-tequila palomas in lime peel, and watermelon-and-gin-instilled gelatin topped with chocolate chips and served on real rind.

When to Serve Them

Cocktail hour is an obvious choice, but that's not the only possibility. Callahan recommends serving them as an amuse-bouche before the ceremony to set a celebratory tone. Alternatively, they can be offered as a "palette cleanser" after your reception's main course, he shares, or to "signal that dinner is over and that it's party time." "Really, any time that you're transitioning from one phase to another is perfect," he adds, including at the start of your after-party.

If you love the idea but not for your wedding, try offering them at one of your pre-wedding events, instead. We're certain that they'd be a big hit at a bridal shower or bachelorette party!


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