There are other ways to incorporate your favorite treats throughout the wedding weekend.

By Alyssa Brown
April 22, 2019
hayleigh corey wedding donuts trailer

Maybe there's a local donut shop you absolutely love, a taco truck you go to every Friday evening, or a bottle of wine that you're both crazy about and therefore want to serve at your wedding. Whatever it is you're hoping to share with your wedding guests, it can be a real let down when your venue says you can't bring in outside food or drink for any portion of the day. As many venues don't offer much flexibility in this department, here are a few ways to still incorporate the things you love into your wedding festivities without breaking any rules.

Work with what you've got.

Work with the in-house catering team to develop something similar to what you were hoping to have at your wedding. If you were thinking about having a wood-fired pizza truck come in for your late-night snacks, find out if your catering team can do something similar. Maybe they can rent a big stone oven for the event and set up an interactive station for guests to see crusts being tossed and prepared.

Make the alternative feel extra special.

If your catering team is able to recreate whatever food item you've wanted to bring into your wedding day, find a creative way to display the goods. Maybe you can rent a cute little airstream trailer for the day and give this special treat a moment of glory. You could also work with your florist to create a display that makes the treats appear to be floating on a bed of flowers. There are plenty of fun ways you can draw attention to this important add-on.

Consider an alternate event.

If you're dying to incorporate a food truck you love that has a cult following, consider using it at the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, or day-after brunch. Depending how far into the planning you are, you may be able to select a venue based around the requirement of bringing in your favorite vendor.

Don't forget about the hotel experience.

If your guests will be staying in hotels for your wedding weekend, this is a great opportunity to bring in your favorite wrapped treat or boozy addition. Let's say, for example, there's a sea salted chocolate chip cookie your favorite bakery makes that you're unable to bring into your wedding venue. Instead of serving them during the reception, you could have the bakery wrap the sweets individually and ask your hotel to deliver them to each guest's room as a turndown treat. If it's a particular drink you wanted to share with your guests, welcome bags are a great place to sneak these in, too.


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