He compares her to none other than Andrew Garfield.
Credit: Michael Stewart

Ryan Reynolds has said a lot about his wife Blake Lively-all statements sweeter than the last. There was the time he said it took one dance to know she would be the one, and that after almost 6 years of marriage it's Blake that keeps him sane. But Ryan just topped all of those sweet sentiments by declaring that Blake is the best kisser ever, throwing us into a tailspin of uncontrollable awws.

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This past weekend, Ryan was honored at Harvard University's annual Hasty Pudding Theatricals Man of the Year Award. Each year the club hosts a celebratory roast for the winner, and this celebration got a bit... personal. "We're thrilled to present Mr. Reynolds with our Man of the Year award, especially after he proved his ability to simultaneously break box-offices records and the fourth wall in 2016," president of the club Guan-Yue Chen said. "And if his headline-stealing kiss with Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globes is any indication, it looks like he's getting ready for his roast."

We all saw what happened at the Golden Globes. Ryan Gosling won best actor, thanked his wife, all while Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield shared a very passionate kiss. So when he was asked who was the better kisser: Garfield or Lively? "I'm going to go with my wife on that one, for a number of reasons," he answered, ET reports. "Make no mistake, Andrew Garfield is a wonderful kisser. Very generous. A real darting tongue."

Ryan was also able to show off a little, giving a lap dance to someone who was dressed as a zombie version of Blake. It looks like he's had some practice before!

Whether they're cracking jokes or are sharing sweet sentiments about one another, Blake and Ryan continue to be one of our all-time favorite couples.


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