19 Unexpected Wedding Ring Pillows

wedding rings on leafing plant
Samantha Jay Photography

Your wedding rings are your most important big-day accessories. Not only are they an integral part of your ceremony, but they're also a symbol of you and your partner's eternal love for each other. Since they're a focal point of your nuptials, you'll want to make sure that they're prettily showcased during your event—before you slip them on, that is. Usually, couples place their rings onto a white satin pillow, which is carried by their ring bearer down the aisle. Though there's nothing wrong with this classic approach, we love to see newlyweds reimagine this ceremony staple and make it their own.

Many brides and grooms do just that—take the classic wedding ring pillow and put a fresh spin on it. The result? An aisle essential that's completely unique to their celebration. If you're looking for inspiration, we suggest drawing on the theme or vibe of your event, like many couples did in the slides ahead. Throwing a rustic event? Bookmark one duo's antler motif idea. Alternatively, if you're holding your event near the ocean, switch out a pillow for a sea shell.

You'll quickly realize that many of these duos ditched pillows altogether and opted for a completely unexpected object, instead. Some of the following alternatives include books, antique boxes, dishes, and even potted plants. Though we love all of these fun swaps, we're partial to the lusher, foliage-centric options, like this leafy one by A Garden Party. The gist? You can turn just about anything into your ring bearer's favorite accessory. To help you brainstorm your very own idea, we've rounded up some of our favorite wedding ring pillows (and pillow substitutes!) from real celebrations. With all of the inspired accents ahead, you're bound to walk away with an idea for your own ceremony.

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Secret Compartment

wedding rings in secret hollowed out compartment book
Gayle Brooker Photography

Now here's an unexpected place to store your rings: These gold bands sat in a carved-out book that was lined with lace and embellished with gold foil by STATE the Label.

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ring bearer holding decorative dish at wedding
Josh Gruetzmacher

We love how this Paloma's Nest dish served two purposes—it doubled as the couple's ring "pillow" and a sentimental keepsake.

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ring bearer holding map pattern pillow at wedding
Abby Jiu Photography

Searching for the perfect fabric for your ring pillow? Draw inspiration from your big-day stationery. The map print seen here was also featured on the event's invitation suite.

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Millie Holloman Photography

Although succulents usually bring a contemporary vibe wherever they're featured, this nest pillow alternative gives off a more whimsical feel.

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Wooden Slice

wedding rings tied to a block of wood
onelove photography

It doesn't get any simpler than this wooden ring holder, which is perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

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ring bearer in beret holding quote pillow at wedding
Alexandra Knight Photography

Handwrite a quote about love onto your ring bearer's pillow for a sentimental touch to your ceremony. This sweet phrase also contained the couple's wedding date.

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ring bearer holding books at wedding
KT Merry

You can easily incorporate your love of reading into your big day by securing your wedding rings to your favorite books.

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Clam Shell

Ring Bearer Holding a Shell
Elyse Hall Photography

Repurpose a large clam shell—bonus points if you collect it during a pre-wedding walk—for the perfect beach ring pillow.

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ring bearer holding monogrammed pillow
Leslee Mitchell

A custom monogram can pretty up (and personalize!) any element of your wedding day, as evidenced by this pillow that was made by the bride's sisters.

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ring bearer holding pillow with large white flower
Natalie Watson Photography

To elevate a simple satin pillow, try adding a floral appliqué. The couple purchased this one from Etsy.

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Flower Print

suzanne joseph wedding ring pillow corbin gurkin
Corbin Gurkin

If flowers are playing a big role in your celebration's décor, incorporate a floral motif onto your ring bearer pillow. The peony design seen here was featured throughout this bloom-filled wedding.

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Cow Hide

bessie john wedding jewelry ring pillow
Jose Villa

Throwing a ranch-inspired event? A cow hide ring pillow is the perfect thematic touch.

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Ornate Box

ring bearer holding ornate box at wedding
Brandon Chesbro

For a vintage-style celebration, opt for "something old," but elevated, like this distressed wooden box with gold detailing. The couple purchased this version from Hobby Lobby.

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wedding young boy ring bearer with pink pillow
Charla Storey Photography

This peach-hued pillow will add a pop of color to any ring bearer's mini tux.

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Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
KT Merry

Use your event's oceanside location as inspiration for your ring bearer's pillow. This couple did just that—a large nautilus shell, which also housed a tiny floral arrangement, was the perfect nautical touch.

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rings tied to white lace pillow
Brumley & Wells Photography

If you're searching for a more traditional option, try something like this frilly, lace pillow. Not sure where to source the fabric? Ask your big-day tailor to add some of the fabric cut away from your wedding dress to the ring holder.

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moss covered ring bearer pillow
Stephanie Cristalli

Flora Nova proves you can make a ring bearer pillow from just about anything—even a block of moss.

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wedding ring pillow
Carrie Patterson

Ensure your rustic theme touches every inch of your big day by incorporating an antler motif onto your wedding ring pillow.

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