Keep those eyes sharp until the sun rises.

No matter what makeup style you choose, eyeliner is a must on your wedding day, especially along the upper lash line, which will make your eyes pop in photos. As an important part of your flawless big-day makeup look, eyeliner has to be carefully chosen and applied correctly to ensure that it lasts all night long. Here, four easy steps that will ensure your liner lasts from your first kiss straight through to the final dance of the night.

Always use an eyelid primer before eye makeup application.

While you need an eyelid primer, a common mistake is to use too much eye base, which will defeat the purpose as this will make your makeup crease. To get the application just right, use an eye shadow brush or your finger to spread your primer, like Trish McEvoy's Eye Base Essentials, evenly all over the entire lid from the lash line to the brow bone.

Choose the best waterproof eyeliner for you.

Not all waterproof liners are created equal, so test some out to see what works best for you. There are dozens that claim 24-hour wear, but you may find that these only last an hour or two on you before they smear. You'll also need to decide if you prefer liquid or traditional pencil liners, so you can make sure your makeup artist makes the best choice of product for you. Both Stila's liquid liner and pencil are good choices, as they stay all day, do not smudge, and come in a variety of different colors.

Set your liner.

When liner is set with an eye shadow it helps it to really stay put. This trick will enhance the color of the liner and fill in any mistakes while simultaneously setting the line. Once you have completed lining your eye, choose an eye shadow color that's the same as your liner-usually a dark brown, black, or navy-and use a small liner brush to carefully place shadow over the liner. Be sure to choose a shadow that is highly pigmented but not too dusty, like Laura Mercier's Matte Eye Color. Shadows that are "dusty" tend to fall under the eye, creating a mess on your undereye and cheeks known as "fall-out."

Set your undereye.

Liner placed on the lower lash line tends to smudge more often than top liner since oils in eye creams and creamy concealers can dissolve and soften makeup. Be sure this doesn't happen by using translucent setting powder, like Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder, to set your undereye concealer. This transparent, silky powder is so finely milled, it will beautifully set and brighten your undereye without looking dry or cakey.


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