The couple opened up about how marriage has intensified their bond.

By Shira Savada
November 12, 2018
celebrity couple posing nick and kaley
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Since Kaley Cuoco married Karl Cook in June, the happy couple's bond has only strengthened. According to the Big Bang Theory star and her equestrian husband, this is the result of their growth as both individuals and partners-changes they hadn't previously anticipated when they exchanged vows earlier this year.

Cuoco was the first to admit that marriage changed her relationship in ways she never expected. "I know some people say it shouldn't change, it should be the same, but you know for me it did," Cuoco told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm just so happy to come home to him every day. He's my dream guy." Cook wholeheartedly agreed: "It's great. I think... you learn to [be] better together and that's the joy."

Though their marriage is in the process of evolving, it's deeply rooted in shared passions. "We're lucky that we both share the same love for animals," the actress said. "That's kind of what brought us together in the first place. So, we have a lot in common." Cook shared an example of his animal-loving wife's big heart (and spontaneity, too!). "She wakes up and she's like, 'I want to adopt a rabbit,' and by the end of the day we had two white albino rabbits," added Cook.

The animal rescuing hasn't stopped there, and Cook has no problem with it. "The other day she goes, 'Honey how do you feel about pigs?'" he explained. "And I said, 'Honey just adopt it.'" "This is why I love him," Cuoco exclaimed. Cuoco and Cook may add to their animal family regularly, but that's the only family they're focusing on at the moment. Cuoco recently told Entertainment Tonight that she and her husband aren't are "not there yet," but that they will be when the time is right.


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