The semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique has taken the beauty industry by storm.
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Tattooing your eyebrows may sound extreme, but the idea of minimal brow maintenance for up to three years got us to raise ours. The technique responsible for this magic is called microblading, and it involves depositing semi-permanent pigment just below the top layer of the skin underneath the eyebrows. The result? A natural-looking, defined brow that stays put indefinitely. We know what you're thinking-you need this! While microblading is a great option for women looking to fill in gaps, add an arch, or completely reconstruct their brows, there are a few things you need to know before you choose temporary tattooing over a brow pencil.

It's important to do a patch test.

First thing's first-establish that you're not allergic to the pigment. An established, experienced technician should know this, so if patch-testing isn't the first thing on the agenda, book it out of there. It goes without saying that all tools and pigment should be sterile before use.

Expect some pain.

Microblading requires, as its name suggests, the use of a small blade, so it's definitely not going to tickle. The discomfort isn't (or shouldn't be!) extreme, though, especially since many specialists use topical anesthetics to dial down the ache. "The pain was moderate, like a pin dragging on skin," said Martha Stewart Weddings Beauty Editor Melissa Milrad Goldstein, who turned to brow-expert Piret Aava for her treatment.

You'll need to wait to see the real result.

If your eyebrows look swollen or blotchy for the first couple of days, don't panic-it's not forever. "The first week was an adjustment," explained Goldstein. "As the dyes oxidized, brows looked über-dark." By day seven, she was floored. "Wow! So natural," she said. Getting those perfectly natural brows involved more than just waiting for a week, though. Goldstein had to avoid wetting the area entirely for optimal results.

You need to go to a pro, so it can be pricey.

To ensure safe, effective, and long-last results, do your research. A professional microblading technician should have lots of before-and-after photos and positive customer testimonials on their website and have years of experience. Want to guarantee safety? Call dermatologists or plastic surgeons in your area-they often work with microblading specialists in their offices or, at the very least, can recommend someone credible. Don't be surprised when you see the price tag, though. The best-of-the-best professionals price a two-hour session around $900.


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