Insanely Creative Escort Cards and Seating Displays

arrow wedding escort cards
Photo: Amber Gress

These unique ideas for escort cards and seating charts won't just blow your guests' minds—they'll guide them to their tables.

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arrow wedding escort cards
Amber Gress

After the ceremony and cocktail hour, your guests will be looking for their reception seats. That's why you're currently looking for ideas to guide them there on the big day. Sure, you can go with classic seating cards, which are typically just pieces of paper with names and table assignments on them. But not everyone wants to follow tradition, and if you're one of those people, what's the fun in plain-white rectangles? Don't worry—your search for innovative ideas is over. Throughout the years, we've come across dozens of creative escort cards, as well as some incredible seating charts and displays.

You won't believe the things that couples have swapped in for stationery. We've seen items that doubled as wedding favors, edible goodies, and a whole lot more. Even if brides and grooms did go with paper goods, plenty have revamped the standard design by using cool colors, gorgeous calligraphy, and other memorable accents.

To plan your own seating cards or display, look to these examples from real weddings for inspiration. There are ideas fit for every kind of wedding, whether yours is modern, rustic, formal, whimsical, or something else altogether. As you'll see, others have turned to their themes, hobbies and interests, and many other things to dream up how to guide their attendees to their tables. We encourage you to do the same for cards or charts that truly speak to you and your partner, and for a design that'll amaze all of your celebrants, too.

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Calligraphed Cloches

wedding seating cloche
Ashley Sawtelle

A Vintage Affair, Park Floral Design, and Taryn Eklund teamed up to create this cloche seating display, which showcased pretty blooms covered by glass that was calligraphed with the guests' names and table assignments.

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Lollipop Wall

lollipop seating display
Ashley Crawford

This idea by Lovestruck Events was both pretty and tasty. Lollipops were used in lieu of escort cards and arranged on a white wall.

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Romantic Cards

kiss escort cards
Michael Radford

Xs and Os were found throughout this celebration, including as wooden escort cards by The Pointed Nib.

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Clear Chart

clear seating chart
Sophie Epton Photography

This see-through The Inviting Pear chart displayed a seating directory, as well as the couple's initials, wedding date, and a cactus motif.

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Map Display

wedding seating map
Sara Weir Photography

This California wedding was inspired by the location, all the way down to the state-themed seating chart.

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Inside Jokes

natasha nick wedding california escort cards
Corbin Gurkin

This bride and groom matched their tables with illustrations related to some of their inside jokes. The drawings were put on escort cards that were clipped to hang on a display.

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Marbled Lucite

modern seating display
Jerry Yoon Photographers

A lucite board guided guests to their seats at this reception. It was painted in purple with a unique, marbleized design.

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Paper Flowers

madelyn jon wedding escort cards
Patricia Lyons Photography

For this flower-filled celebration planned by Pineapple Productions, paper zinnias by Cheree Berry Paper were calligraphed by Arney Walker Studio to display attendees' names and their table assignments. They were pinned to a board covered in green fabric—the whole thing resembled a garden bed.

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Beach Balls

beach ball escort cards
KT Merry

This couple worked with Karson Butler Events to plan something truly unique—they used black-and-white beach balls as escort cards, and stored them in their venue's pool. Synchronized swimmers were on standby to find them and hand them to guests!

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Cards with Seals

amanda alex wedding escort cards
Ryan Ray Photography

Blush paper squares were calligraphed in green ink by Julie Song for this event. White wax seals displayed each guest's table number.

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Hanging Bells

celina rob wedding virginia bells hanging
Abby Jiu Photography

Talk about wedding bells! At this Christmas-themed celebration, paper "ribbons" were calligraphed by Laura Hooper Calligraphy with names and table numbers. Then, they were attached to vintage ringers. Finally, the escort "cards" were strung from the ceiling; Lauryn Prattes Styling and Events staff helped guests retrieve them.

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Arrows on Target

arrow escort cards
Amber Gress

Designs by Ahn created this incredibly-imaginative, camp-inspired display of escort arrows on a target board.

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Chart Surrounded by Greenery

wedding seating chart
Natalie Probst Photography

This pretty display included text written in a fun font. The board that they were on was framed by thick foliage.

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Cards on Soap

escort cards
Elizabeth Messina

These on-palette bars of soap served as favors, but they also held escort cards calligraphed by Nicole Miyuki.

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Watercolor Cards

blue escort cards
Carrie Patterson

How lovely are these blue, hand-painted escort envelopes with The Left Handed Calligrapher writing? They were displayed on a linen board at this airy wedding.

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Wooden Structure

wooden seating chart
Katie Grant Photography

Seating cards with botanical designs were attached to standing wooden structures at this event. The displays were also spruced up with greenery, and had lanterns hanging from them.

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Cards on Fruit

eliza peter wedding escort cards
Paige Jones Photography

For this wedding, escort cards were calligraphed by Joya Rose and then stuck into citrus fruits, which matched the display's floral arrangement.

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Flower Vases

flower vase seating cards
Merari Photography

Pretty vases of assorted Cress Floral Decorators flowers were tagged with seating assignments for this couple's event.

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Luggage Tags

luggage tag escort cards
Amy Fanton Photography

Guests traveled to their seats with the help of these leather luggage tags, which doubled as useful favors for this reception.

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Dog Cards

dog seating cards
Betsi Ewing

Incorporate your love of your pet into your seating display. This couple chose to have cards with pop-up dog cutouts.

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Apple Barrel

place cards apples
Aaron Delesie

Attendees picked their Deborah Delaney Design cards from a bin of over 500 apples at this wedding.

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Hanging Mirrors

mirror seating display
Steve Steinhardt

Beth Helmstetter planned this tropical wedding, where table assignments were scribbled onto suspended, ornate mirrors.

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Pressed Flowers

wedding wallflower seating assignments
Corbin Gurkin

This wall, titled "Our Favorite Wallflowers," held pressed-flower seating assignments. Guests' names were written in pretty calligraphy.

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Hanging Plants

hanging flowers seating display
Studio A + Q

At this destination wedding, flower-filled vessels hung from seafoam-green ribbon, on which simple white escort cards were placed.

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Boxwood Wall

stefanie drew wedding escortcards
Julie Livingston Photography

The Left Handed Calligrapher wrote these guests' names, which were displayed on Color Box Design & Letterpress cards. The paper flowers were placed on a boxwood wall, where real blooms also laid.

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Illustrated Chart

animal seating display
Stephanie Hunter Photography

Storybook-worthy animal illustrations adorned this sweet seating display.

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Tasseled Cards

seating cards with yellow tassels
onelove photography

LVL Events organized this spring wedding, using yellow tassels to spruce up the seating cards.

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Cards and Photos

photograph seating card display
Michelle Lange Photography

This decorative clothesline held escort cards interspersed between photographs of guests.

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Paper Leaves

emily adhir wedding escortcard leaves
Brandon Kidd Photography

Paper leaves in vibrant greens served as seating cards at this wedding. Betty Ling calligraphed the names.

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Pilot Wings

pilot seating display
Jose Villa

When two pilots get married, there has to be a nod to their cool jobs. Each guest was assigned a pair of Amber Moon Design wings on this career-themed display.

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Paper Golf Balls

escort cards golf
Kristen Kilpatrick

This groom loved golfing so much that the sport was incorporated into the reception décor. White Houston Invitation Services escort cards mimicked—you guessed it—golf balls.

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Embroidery Hoops

needlework seating display
Jeff Loves Jessica

Blush & Whim made this display happen, using homey needlework escort "cards."

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Bugs on Cards

Mirror Seating Chart Display
Thayer Allyson Gowdy

When one of our editors married an "insect obsessive," she drew inspiration from nature. This escort-card table hosted 54 different species, all held in place with pins. Guests could find their names on the paper, plus the bugs' taxonomic name, common name, and place of origin.

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Charmed Display

wooden seating card display on gate
Ether and Smith

Quirky golden charms brought a touch of whimsy to these elegant, unique table assignments.

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Tropical Wall

stephanie jared wedding seating chart
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

This wall hosted table assignments and a fun banana-leaf print. The assignments themselves were penned on slabs of hexagonal acrylic, then attached to the wall in brass standoffs. The bride cut out the gold-foil names herself, making a modern, glam display.

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Wooden Blocks

escort card display
Greg Finck

This backyard wedding boasted the coolest display, dreamt up by Amorology Weddings. Laura Made It, Back Up Backdrops, and Betlem Calligraphy also had a hand in the design. Guests' names were penned on wooden blocks and strung from a structure for attendees to find.

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Oars with Tags

escort cards
Lexia Frank Photography

A camp-inspired wedding wouldn't be complete without summertime-activity inspiration. This sign, which doubled as an escort card display, was constructed out of vintage oars. For even more customization, the bride handwrote the names.

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Calligraphed Marble

Pastel and Pyrite Table Setting
Tec Petaja

Rather than paper, these guests' names were calligraphed by Anne Robin onto marble. The stone's pattern also made it onto the stationery suite.

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Paint Brushes

Emily Steffen

A colorful, art-themed wedding practically requires creative escort cards like these. Paintbrushes dipped in paint, left to dry, and signed with guests names prompted attendees to match their brush to the color of the tablecloth at their table.

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Hanging Cowbells

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Let your seating cards serve as noisemakers and favors, too! These cowbells calligraphed with guests' names suited the couple's rustic wedding.

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Potted Plants

Flora + Fauna

Talk about a green thumb! For her escort cards, this bride registered for a special horticultural license to export Hoya kerrii plants from Thailand. The creative idea even inspired us to create our own plant tags.

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Quartz Seating Cards

Max & Friends

This jewelry designer bride's affinity for raw quartz inspired her genius escort cards by Bash Please.

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File Cabinets

Mademoiselle Fiona

This old-school display consisted of index cards filed into card catalogs.

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Shot Glasses

Bryce Covey Photography

At this wedding, escort cards attached to copper shot glasses ensured that guests received a fun favor—and directions to their chairs. (An accompanying shot of Don Julio 1942 tequila was optional, but encouraged.)

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Card Game

Gideon Photo

The popular game "Cards Against Humanity" sparked this fun idea. While the fronts of the cards contained guests' names, the backs said only one word. Attendees had to try to match up the word with a prompt that was printed on a large card on each table. In case they got stuck, a small number was also provided.

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Tagged Instruments

Peer Johnson

Wylie West Creative made these hand-painted wooden maracas, jingle sticks, and tambourines, which tripled as escort cards, favors, and noisemakers.

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Paper Pineapples

Corbin Gurkin

Pick a shape you love—like pineapples—and use it for your seating cards!

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Jungle Toys

Gary Ashley for Les Loups

Fun yet inexpensive were the two goals for this bride and groom's seating cards. They got both with this smart suggestion from wedding planner Jove Meyer. Plastic jungle animals tied to tags and grouped by table (elephants for one table, tigers for another, etc.) were easy and playful as can be.

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Personalized Notebooks

Emily Steffen

Bands calligraphed with the guests' names marked these wood grain-covered journals from Field Notes. The table assignments were listed on the first page of the booklets.

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Window Chart

Pablo Béglez

For this crafty seating chart, a friend of the couple placed a piece of glass in a window frame that rested on an easel. The bride wrote guests' names with a white paint marker.

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Ladder Display

Ryan Ray

Tag-shaped cards with guests' names and table numbers were strung between two ladders for a warm, rustic look.

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Star Maps


Rather than relying on escort cards, this couple let guests find their tables (all named for constellations) on a star chart-style seating diagram.

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Lawn Flamingos

Katie Stoops Photography

At this all-pink wedding, guests found their tables in a maze of kitschy lawn flamingos that held calligraphed seating assignments.

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Seed Packets

Jodi & Kurt Photography

This couple, avid gardeners, added calligraphed tags from Laura Hooper Calligraphy to seed packets, which doubled as escort cards and wedding favors.

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Lemon-Filled Display

Jose Villa

A bumper crop of lemons in a Plexiglass case framed this couple's seating display.

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Drink Flags

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
Katie Stoops Photography

A flag motif appeared throughout this wedding—these Cheree Berry Paper escort cards (calligraphed by Arney Walker and placed in Champagne flutes) were just one iteration.

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