An arrangement of branches wrapped in seam binding and bedecked with fabric blooms makes for a minimalist look that holds maximum appeal.

The Tools

  • Branches (From your own yard or purchased from a local nursery)
  • 1/2-inch seam binding
  • Tacky glue
  • Ribbon and fabric flowers
  • Floral foam


  1. For each section of branch, tie 1/2-inch seam binding to bottom of branch (secure all knots with a dab of tacky glue beneath them).
  2. Pulling slightly to keep seam binding tight, wrap it around branch, overlapping by about a third (keep ribbon tight during wrapping to ensure a snug fit). When you reach the end of the branch, tie a knot, and trim excess to create a "leaf." If you run out of seam binding mid-branch, tie loose end to branch and trim closely; then tie on a new ribbon, trimming excess to create a leaf, and continue wrapping.
  3. Glue on flowers and extra ribbon leaves where desired.
  4. Place dense floral foam into a vase and arrange branches, inserting them into the foam.


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