Consider these points when picking the look of your wedding.

Determining the look of your wedding décor can feel really daunting, especially if you're not someone who works in a creative or design-centric field. While you may gravitate toward words like traditional, bohemian, preppy, eclectic, girlie, or modern to describe your personal style, selecting a look for your wedding might encompass quite a few different aesthetics you like. Here are a few factors that can help you narrow down the overall look you're going for.

What are your top priorities for the wedding?

If you take all the individual elements into consideration, what would you rank as the top three most important things about the wedding? For some couples, food and wine, music, and a late night venue are the key to a party they think everyone would enjoy. For other couples, the venue and scenery, flower arrangements, and photographs are the most important elements. Determining what makes the cut to the top three helps you decide where you'll focus the majority of your budget and where you'll be more comfortable cutting back. In turn, it also helps with deciding how much effort and budget go into the décor side.

How formal would you like the wedding to be?

Whether you're planning a black-tie wedding or a down-home backyard celebration, determining guests' attire says a lot about the style of your day. If your guests will be donning ball gowns and tuxedos, you'll want the décor to provide a suitable backdrop and you'll focus a lot of attention on selecting high-quality linens, florals, and elements that go along with a glamorous aesthetic. If you're looking at a less formal dress code, you can play with more rustic and bohemian elements for the wedding décor.

What's your wedding venue like?

The venue plays a huge role in determining the style of décor at a wedding. An industrial warehouse wedding pairs well with a relaxed, loose floral design scheme while a modern museum wedding lends itself to more structured flower arrangements. While color palettes run the gamut across different styles, the rental décor and overall vibe of a wedding can vary greatly through floral installations, graphics, and interior accents.

What's your personal style like?

While you may not dress in your favorite outfit every day, surely you have go-to looks that you love and could use to describe your style. Pay attention to how your home is decorated, the magazines you read, your favorite restaurants, your style icons, the Instagrammers you relate to most, where you like to travel, what cultural and religious influences are important to you, textures and colors you gravitate to, and any architecture that inspires you. It all adds up.

How does your personal style play into your dream wedding look?

Once you've sorted through the elements you think define your personal style, start thinking about creative ways to take some of those influences and translate them into your wedding style. If you and your fiancé are crazy about the look of a particular restaurant, pop over for dinner and take a look at their lighting, what the staff is wearing, and what's on the tables. All of these elements are things you can take into your wedding day in some way, combining to create your unique wedding aesthetic.


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