There are quite a few options.

By Alyssa Brown
May 04, 2018
Credit: Jose Villa

After you get engaged, one of the first things you want to do is celebrate. Sure, you and your new fiancé can pop a bottle of bubbly immediately after he slips the ring on your finger, but what comes next? Whether you're thinking about an informal gathering with just your immediate families or want to party with close friends and other relatives, too, it's worth having an engagement party. If you know you want a post-engagement bash thrown in your honor, here's what you need to know about hosting options.

Who typically throws the engagement party?

The parents of the bride will generally host the engagement party, but this is not required. In circumstances, especially if the groom's family lives closer to the couple, they may opt to host the engagement party instead. Some engaged twosomes will have individual engagement parties hosted by both sets of parents if they live far apart or have very large groups of friend and family.

What if the parents don't want to host?

There may be a few reasons that it doesn't make sense for parents to host an engagement party, in which case it's common for siblings or friends to step in and do something comfortable and low-key. A pool party or backyard barbecue are both great options. If no one has offered to play host for the event, reach out to your siblings, close friends, or relatives to see if they're able to take on the job-they may not have realized you wanted a formal celebration, or else thought a party was already in the works.

Can you host the party yourself?

In the event that you don't feel comfortable asking anyone to throw a party in your honor, consider hosting an engagement celebration yourselves. There's no rule that says the future Mr. and Mrs. can't plan their own engagement party, and by taking on the role of host and hostess, you'll be able to dictate the formality of the event and the guest list. In some cases, a couple may even host their own party as a way to announce their engagement.


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